Contradictions Associated with Psoriasis


Here are some catch-22 situations only people with psoriasis are familiar with.)

Ironies are everywhere. And some health conditions like Psoriasis are no exception. You are advised to stay away from stress that can worsen your condition. However, only a person with psoriasis knows that how stressful is it to live with psoriasis. Medications are given to control itch. But what if these medications make you prone to itch?

It is safe to say that the diseases come with certain dilemmas. Here we have rounded up a few of them.

Stress is Your Biggest Foe. But Psoriasis is a Big Stress in Itself:

Stress can make your psoriasis even debilitating. This is because stress triggers pain and flares. When body experience stressful events, it starts releasing inflammation as an act of defense. And this inflammation makes your skin more itchy and inflamed. While the sage advice is that you should steer clear from taking stress, psoriasis is a big stress in itself. How can you avoid taking stress when you have psoriasis?

There are many things that make you worry about your skin condition. Firstly, your skin gets big patches that don’t cause discomfort, but also embarrass you whenever you find that you are being stared for that. As an added woe, it is frustrating that psoriasis is not curable, meaning that you have to rely on the medications to manage your condition.

That’s why it is a top contradiction of psoriasis on our list.

Positively speaking, controlling your stress shouldn’t be that difficult. Stress relief can be achieved with exercises, deep breathing, and medication or spending time chatting with someone else. Such small things will help you control stress and feel good as well. If things are beyond your control, you can opt for a psychologist.

Sun is good for Your Skin. But Will You Dare to Expose It?

Getting sunlight for 5-10 minutes can inhibit the growth of the skill cells caused by psoriasis. Psoriasis patients are recommended to take sun two three times a week with a quality sunscreen. It is known as light therapy or phototherapy. But the tradeoff is here that many people don’t want to expose their flaky and reddish skin.

If don’t want to take sunbath in the public, consider it getting in a private and open space like the roof of your house.


Medications Help Manage the Symptoms. But They May Cause Side-Effects:

The aim of psoriasis medication is to manage the symptoms like flares and overgrowth of the skin. Each medication has its own way to keep the condition under control, though they can’t treat it for good. The efficiency of treatment varies from person to person.

However, psoriasis medications might cause side effects like peeling, skin redness and even infections. This is because of the stronger medications and larger doses which are given to treat your psoriasis efficiently. Do you want to control the itch if it means you might increase your risk of migraines?

Simply put, you may have to sacrifice one of your health comforts if you want to get another. It feels like choosing the least of all the disadvantages.

This is why you should work with your physician. As the medications are just “trial and error” based, your physician may like to create a balance between the safety and the effectiveness of treatment. In some cases, your doctor will stop the treatment in the middle in case of severe side effects. He wants to know if your treatment worth the side effects.

So these are some of the ironies associated with psoriasis. Do you have such experiences to share with us? Do it now by commenting below.

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