Crotamiton 10% for Scabies? Does it work?

Since Crotamiton is powerful enough to kill the scabies mite, it normally works for all the patients having scabies. But unfortunately, high potency of this medicine is one of the reasons for several side effects. Find out how you can ensure safely when using it!

When it comes to treating scabies, we don’t have many remedies to try.

One of the most commonly used creams used to treat this skin condition is Crotamiton. Since Crotamiton is a very strong medicine, it is capable of destroying the scabies mite and relieve itching. This is the reasons why users are often recommended to use proper safety measures while using it.

Potential Side Effects of Crotamiton

Almost every medicine that is strong comes with side effects. Also, the likelihood of getting affected by these side effects varies from person to person, depending mainly on the efficiency of immune system and overall health condition.

Crotamiton can lead to skin irritation and severe allergic reactions such as rashes, hives, swelling of the mouth, and breathing-related issues.

However, when using Crotamiton cream, one should not take normal post-application symptoms for serious side effects. For example, if itching continues for several weeks, it never means treatment failure.

How to Safely Use Crotamiton to Treat Scabies?

Those who need to use Crotamiton cream should keep in mind that:

  • It is essential to bathe and properly dry the skin before applying the cream
  • It can be harmful to use it on inflamed and weeping skin
  • Crotamiton can be dangerous if swallowed
  • It is important to prevent nose, eyes and mouth from coming into contact with the cream
  • A doctor should be consulted before using Crotamiton during pregnancy or when breast-feeding

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