Detected with Scabies? Three Reasons You Should Avoid Scratching

When you’re itchy, understandably you are going to be tempted to scratch. And when you have somehow acquired scabies, this temptation just increases manifold. At times you may just want to rip that skin off when you’re itchy. No matter how irritated you may feel it is often times recommended that people avoid scratching. Avoid Scratching can sound as an atrocious idea especially when mites in the body are digging deep into your skin, and you can’t help but scratch.

Scabies, which is caused by infectious parasite; the scabies mite, is a contagious parasitic skin infection. The mites called Sarcoptes scabiei burrow, live and reproduce in the human skin. The female mites lay a couple of eggs daily inside the human skin and their number just increases by the day.

The mites spread rapidly under the infested person’s skin and being contagious can pass on to people around. Mites do not jump around per se; instead they are passed through direct skin contact and indirectly through personal belongings – through shared towels, bedding or clothing etc.

Symptoms of scabies are not instant. At times symptoms may show up months after the body has been exposed to scabies mites. Since scabies does not go away without treatment, it is advisable to seek medical attention at the earliest. First thing doctor advice with medication is to – avoid scratching.

Reasons why you must not scratch

Scratching breaks open the skin and allows bacteria to enter the skin. It is important therefore to avoid scratching, and to keep the skin clean. Here are three major reasons you should avoid scratching:

  1. Scratching accidently spreads scabies

    Scratching the infected area can be relieving but you must understand that by scratching you are going to spread scabies. Each time you scratch your skin, mites can cling on to the dead skin under the nails. Where they will stay until you touch or scratch elsewhere on the body, or touch something (clothes, pen, furniture or any damn thing) through which they can spread throughout your surrounding (home, workplace or car).

    The best way to get rid of scabies mites is by having the mites stay in one place under the skin (not spread) so that they can be treated for and killed effectively at the source.

    Mites should not spread to other parts of the body or to other people in the house or at work, for this the best way is to avoid scratching so that you aren’t giving mites a chance to travel out of their burrows to other things.


  2. Scratching will only make things worse

    Scratching can give you temporary relief, but it will only create more damage. Having scabies is already the toughest thing that you can do to the skin; you don’t want to make it more excruciating for yourself by scratching and pushing the mites deeper into the skin.


  3. Scratching will only intensify itching

    Scratching is an urge you need to satisfy, but it’s nothing more than momentary pleasure. By scratching you are not going to decrease the itching, in fact you are only going to intensify it.

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