Do I Have To Throw Away My Furniture if I Have Scabies?

Once a family member gets infected, there is every possibility that the entire household will catch the infection sooner or later. Some people find the pain and the itching unbearable and get depressed very easily. Once the Scabies infection is confirmed, it is important to handle it in a systematic manner.

It is important that the entire family thinks over the steps that ought to be taken in order to get rid of the mites at the earliest.

Let’s read more about how to knock off all mites from your home:

Treatment for the Furniture

During the course of the treatment, it is important that your treat the furniture with a mild disinfectant on a regular basis.

The mites that fall off from the body of an infected person can survive on the furniture that is upholstered, car seats and bedding for up to 24 hours.

They may continue to hop on human hosts and get dropped on the furniture on a daily basis.

Treatment for Beddings and Linen

The beds and the mattresses need to be covered with plastic covers. The linen should be washed in the hot-cycle of the machine and immediately dried at the hottest temperature possible.

The drier time should be at least twenty minutes to ensure that the infection is totally eradicated. The linen should be washed every time the infected person takes a bath.

Belongings That Cannot Be Washed

All belongings that cannot be washed should be packed in plastic bags and kept away for some time, in order to allow the mite to have a natural end.

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