Do I Need to Treat All My Furniture?

Since scabies is a contagious disease and transmits easily from one person to another, it is important to clean everything used by a scabied patient, including furniture, thoroughly.

Care takers generally wash and disinfect the clothing of a patient, but pay no heed to cleaning the furniture and furnishing used them. Any mites sustaining on the furniture will start multiplying as soon as they get human skin, and this is why disinfecting them is equally important as is cleaning and disinfecting clothing of a patient.

Now that you know that cleaning furniture is important, we elucidate here the ways in which furniture can be treated to make it scabies free—

1) Since scabies mites nestle inside furniture, you must make it a point to thoroughly vacuum clean the furniture so that no eggs or mites are left behind.

2) After this, wash and clean the floor for specks of dust and germs.

3) While the treatment for scabies is still underway, it is advisable to keep furniture pieces wrapped in a plastic sheet. This may not be very pleasing aesthetically, but will ensure that no mites get inside the furniture. In case they penetrate into the furniture, a lack of air will not allow them to germinate.

4) When the scabies treatment is over, and it’s time to remove the plastic cover, vacuum clean the furniture once before use to ensure that any thriving mites may be destroyed. You surely don’t want your furniture to be home to even dead mites, do you?

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