Do Scabies Mites Leave Black Specks?

Scabies mites never leave any black specks once they are eradicated from the body.

The black specs are seen in a different kind of skin infection caused by a different species of skin parasites. People who suffer from these infections have also reported black specs on furniture and clothing too.

But with scabies, NO black spots will be seen.

Let’s read some more about Scabies mites –

1. The Life Cycle

The complete life cycle of Scabies mites is for ten to seventeen days. If not treated in that period, they can cause havoc inside the body of the victim. The female mites can lay eggs continuously for a period of two months.

2. Intense Pain and Discomfort

Once the mites hatch, they start looking for a suitable mate. Then they start laying eggs and keep burrowing under the skin of the victim. The skin gets irritated and the patient constantly feels a sensation of crawling. The itching gets very intense in the night and the patient is forced to scratch himself.

3. After symptoms

After complete eradication of the infection, a patient might feel itching for many months to come. That is due to the feces and remains of the mites that continue to irritate the skin cells. The patient might live in the fear of re-infestation, but the symptoms fade away with time. If debris left behind by the mites gets trapped under the skin, it may cause Nodular scabies. It is therefore advised to keep the skin clean and not allow any debris to remain over it. 

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