Do Scabies Symptoms Include Crawling and Itching Over My Skin?

According to an estimate, over 300 million people are globally diagnosed with scabies at any point of time. The infested people tends to believe in doctor’s diagnosis, and it does make sense to run to a doctor when you literally have no idea why you are feeling an itching sensation and tickling, like something is crawling on your skin. It’s true in case of lice infestation too. A person can literally feel little bastards crawling on the scalp and they stick teeth into the scalp. However, in case of scabies mites, which are relatively smaller than lice and are invisible to naked eye, it’s not believed to be true by health professional. Because of its tiny size, the mite isn’t considered capable of revoking tickling sensation on skin. 

However, it’s not entirely true. Scabies cases do report itching and tickling feeling, hence, it comes under the set of symptoms that defines scabies infestation. Doctors end up with misdiagnose in several cases and patients suffer a lot until they find out the correct reason for their suffering. If you are feeling tickling and itching on a part of body, especially at night, then you should go through the following overview of scabies, nature of parasite, its causes, symptoms etc. in order to confirm whether it’s actually scabies or something else.

About Scabies

Scabies is caused by parasitic mite called Sarcoptes scabiei that creates burrows in human skin and lives underneath it most of the times. It feeds on host’s skin, lay eggs, and keep crawling under the skin. If not attended timely, the reproduction cycle of the mites continues to multiply as their number grow, thus, worsening the symptoms. The mite shows higher resistant to usual creams and lotions meant to disinfect skin because the mite is safe underneath the skin. The mites are less exposed to external agents, thus, hard to terminate.

Symptoms of Scabies

Symptoms of scabies start to manifest a week after infestation, which leads to delay in treatment. Server itching is one of the typical and worst characteristic of scabies. A person experiences consistent itching sensation on the infested part of the skin. Itching continues to spread over larger part of the skin with each passing day. Itching gets worse at night while you are in bed or while you take hot water showers.

Appearance of Red Bumps, Blisters, Zigzag lines on Skin

Like the itching keep spreading over larger area, red bumps and blisters also start to appear on the infested skin surface. The mites lay eggs underneath the skin and the bumps are their home. Also, scabies mites keep digging to move to other parts of the skin and due to their movement, mites leave zigzag trail behind them.  These thin zigzag lines are clearly visible after scratching the skin. It’s one of the telltale symptoms of scabies.

Most Commonly Infested Parts

Scabies can infest any part of the skin, but mostly it prefers space between fingers, armpit, between thighs, below breasts, genitals, elbow etc. So, doctors tend to focus on these parts mostly.

Tickling and Crawling

Although, Sarcoptes scabeie mite is considered too small to produce tickling sensation and a feeling that something is crawling on your skin, health experts, in some cases, confirmed that symptoms were accompanied by tickling sensation in scabies infested person. So, there is a great probability that it could be scabies infestation.

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