Does Drinking Alcohol make Scabies Itching Worse?

It might not be one of the most frequently asked questions, but still may Scabies patients seek information regarding the relationship or effects of alcohol intake. Searching online forums and tips only confuses people because of variation of experiences different individuals derive from drinking alcohol during Scabies infection. First of all, you need to be sure that you actually have Scabies. Many people mistake other similar skin infections like dermatitis, syphilis, erythema multiforme, and other ectoparasites such as lice and fleas for Scabies. To reach at a logical conclusion, first you should go through an overview of causes, signs & symptoms, diagnose and treatments.


Scabies isn’t a new generation disease and it was known to humankind since ancient times. Aristotle is believed to be the first man to have identified scabies mites. He used the term “akari” to describe the mites called them “lice in the flesh”. The word scabies is derived from a Latin world ‘scabere’, which means to scratch. Similar infection is reported in animals but through other species of related mites.

Scabies Infection and its Symptoms

Scabies is one of the common parasitic skin infections and is caused by the female mite Sarcoptes scabiei. It burrows into the upper most layer of human skin – epidermis to live and lay eggs. Scabies is major global health issue in many indigenous and Thrid World communities. The disease manifestations are mediated through inflammatory and allergy-like reactions that lead to intense pruritics lesions.

The symptoms include severe itchiness and pimple-like rashes on body parts.

Who is more vulnerable to Scabies?

Mostly, this mite is picked up by humans from animals, bedding, cloths, and even through skin contact with a person infected with Scabies. People in crowded living conditions are more vulnerable to pick up these mites as medical researchers establish that scabies is transmitted by skin-to-skin contact and some studies also show that direct person-to-person body contact is a necessary for transmission of scabies. People living in overcrowded and poverty stricken, unhygienic living conditions are more vulnerable to the disease. This mite can survive upto 72 hours without skin contact, therefore, the probability of leaving these mites on things an infected person touches, sits, or sleeps is very high. That’s the reason why all family members are treated if they are sharing house with an infected person.

Does alcohol intake worsen scabies itching?

Basically, no research has established any specific association between drinking alcohol during scabies infection. Scabies infected people can be seen as two groups. One of these groups suggest avoid taking alcohol is this medical condition and believe that it increases itching. The other group is of the view that alcohol intoxication does not cure but it does provide relief for the time being. Also, in some cases, the reactions of scabies to alcohol may vary.

However, the most logical answer lays in the fact that smoking, drinking, and sugar intake decreases body immunity and worsen the condition. Chronic drinkers show lesser ability to ward off infections compared to non-drinker.

A heavy quantity of alcohol may suppress the itching owing to its usual effect on the brain’s communication pathways and alter perceptions and sensory responses.

While drinking alcohol doesn’t make any difference, it is commonly used to wipe effected skin during diagnosis. So, the only thing that relates use of alcohol with scabies is its characteristic of a being a disinfectant.

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