Does Permethrin Even Work?

Undoubtedly the most popular ingredient in prescription strength and over the counter scabies treatment products sold till date, Permethrin isn’t what most victims of scabies think it to be. Read on to find out.

Even the most experienced of clinicians fail miserably at the diagnosis of scabies in the first attempt at least once. And some people continue to wait until the mites take over.

The result is increased itching, discomfort and worst – more contacts get infected.

When people do finally decide to do something about it, they usually go for the popular treatments and not the ones that are safe and effective both. Permethrin based products (Elimite 5% topical cream, for example), for example, are often looked upon as proven treatments for scabies.

But studies, user testimonials and experiences narrated by doctors with significant exposure to the disease and hundreds of affected patients reveals that permethrin seldom works.

A synthetic chemical, permethrin is basically an ingredient found in insecticides. Now these products are used to kill lice, mites and other such insects. How on earth can permethrin based products continue to be recommended, sold and used till now? Does it not smell of completely wrong approach to scabies treatment or worse, a façade?

Well, it actually is.

Manufacturing of permethrin is pretty easy. So many companies aren’t interested in obvious questions such as the following

  • Does permethrin even work?
  • Does permethrin work partially?
  • Are the side effects of permethrin bigger than the benefits, if any?

A lot of people have reported that scabies treatment products having permethrin as chief ingredient did appear to work fine at for the first time but produced little or no results next time. What could possibly the reason? Well, the use of this ingredient makes the bacteria more resistant to treatments with increased use. It also means that the next time those little organisms start digging burrows along your skin – they will be more powerful and better equipped to create an even bigger mess!

Living with scabies is much like living in hell. You can well imagine the horror that will descent upon a victim affected by more stubborn variant of scabies.

A lot of people on the Internet claim to have had wonderful results with Permethrin. Yes, it does work for some people (while bringing along dozens of nasty side effects, of course) but the picture that has been painted is all too good to be true. It does work for a fraction of people who buy permethrin based topical creams and lotions but the overall results as pictured by an army of marketers on the Internet are quite far from truth.

Instead of exposing yourself to potentially damaging risks by using permethrin based products (an ingredient which is claimed to be a possible carcinogen), is it not wise to go for a natural product?

A Sulfur based product with dozens of other all-natural ingredients, Dr. Scabies is one of the best alternatives to Permethrin. Try it out and see for yourself. 

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