Does Scabies Cause Joint Pain?

It is very unlikely for scabies to cause joint pain. However, infections or allergies to scabies medication can definitely be one of the main causes for joint pain.

Joint pain refers to the discomfort, soreness and aches in any of the body’s joints. Arthritis is the common cause of joint pain, however it can also be caused due to some kind of infection, injury, illness or as a result of an allergic reaction to some medication.

Scabies on the other hand is a contagious skin disease that is caused by the tiny skin mite. And although, scabies mites can produce angry rashes and intense feeling of itchiness, it is very unlikely for them to cause joint pain.

Symptoms of Scabies Are More Likely To Occur

  • Outer surface of elbows and armpits
  • Between the fingers and inner portions of wrists
  • Around the waistline
  • Back side of knees

Scabies and Joint Pain

Scabies causes a lot of discomfort and uneasiness to the bearer, but it is unlikely cause of joint pain. Unfortunately, certain treatments prescribed for scabies do cause pain in the joints as a common side effect.

Scabies medications containing strong doses of Permethrin and Ivermectin, effectively cure scabies, but these also produce certain undesirable side effects, such as headaches, irritation and joint pain. In worst cases Permethrin can even lead to cancer.

Sulfur, on the other hand, if used in limited doses, is the safest treatment for scabies that produces little no to side effects.

Use Dr. Scabies to Permanently Eradicate Scabies

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Dr. Scabies Works By

  • Eliminating scabies mites
  • Relieving itching
  • Preventing re-infestation

Dr. Scabies is a quick and safe relief that is especially formulated for rapid eradication of scabies mites with minimum to no side effects at all.

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