Does Scratching Make Scabies Worse?

Scabies infection is an allergic reaction in the skin, to the presence of mites, saliva and their eggs inside the skin. Read on to know about the effects that scratching may have on the infection.

Once a person contracts the infection, the first symptoms appear only after four to six weeks. So, you may continue to go about your daily activities for several days at a stretch while mites have begun burrowing under your skin at a slow pace. You may even be passing on the mites to all others around you. Yes, it sounds awful but it is true.

People, who have contracted the infection before, generally show the first symptoms in one to four days itself.

It has been observed that the mites are most active in the night.

One of the first symptoms of Scabies is a red rash followed by intense itching. Once the patient gets into bed and the body warms up the mites get very active and cause intense itching.

The continuous itching causes the skin to tear and further infected in those areas. The sores can lead to other skin diseases, intensifying the trauma of the patient

When a person scratches his skin excessively, it can lead to skin excoriations, which can further lead to a secondary level of bacterial infection.

Scratching can sometimes cause the mites to fixate themselves in the bed of the nail and then get carried to other locations in the body.

People infected with Scabies should make it a point to trim their nails regularly and ensure that the cream for scabies is applied generously on it.

Every time the hands are washed the cream should be re-applied.

Itching is almost unbearable but make sure not to scratch the affected area too much. It will just worsen the condition.

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