Does Using A Cream For Scabies Leads To Trouble Breathing

When diagnosed with Scabies choose your line of treatment carefully as many treatments come with side effects.

Most doctors will ask the patient to go for a permethrin based treatment. But reports have proven that this linee of treatment cannot be advised to all patients with Scabies infection and can sometimes lead to bigger problems. Especially one has to be very careful with pregnant women and children under the age of 5.

Trouble with breathing is of the most common and serious side effects of using a permethrin based cream for treating Scabies. Let’s examine in the following how creams can lead to trouble breathing:

1. The Side Effects of Permethrin

If a patient observes any of the following symptoms he should stop the permethrin based treatment immediately. The doctor should be consulted right away if the patient is having trouble in breathing normally, if the itching is not subsiding, and if the rash is showing presence of pus.

2. Does Permethrin Work?

Permethrin might be very popular, but does it really work is a debatable issue. Timely deduction of the mites is the key to the right diagnosis. Most people opt for permethrin based creams more because of their popularity and not because they are safe and effective. If the recorded data is seen patients will realize that permethrin does not work in all cases.

3. Permethrin The Pesticide

Permethrin has a pesticide that is originally used to kill lice, mites, insects in animals and in plants. Can humans really be treated the same way as rodents and plants, is the question that needs to be asked. Every patient needs to make a sound decision for himself.

And with so many natural treatments available why limit yourself to the use of hazardous treatments? Try Dr. Scabies – an all natural, pesticide free no side effect treatment.

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