Does Your Kids Have Scabies? Learn Here What to Do

Scabies in kids is traumatic for both kids and their parents. Learn here what to do when your child have scabies.

Scabies is one of the common contagious diseases affecting the children, especially the toddlers. It can pass on from child to his family members or those who share contact with him. Scabies are caused by mites, who develop a burrow under your child’s skin, which you can notice as a bumpy rash. Scabies are not harmful and can be treated with common medication. You must seek clinical advice once your child is caught by scabies, which can outbreak.

Signs and Symptoms:

Your child can experience discomfort, pain and severe itching after he develops the scabies. The other signs to look in your child are:


Rashes are the common scabies symptoms are usually appear after the itching starts. They are generally blemished and bumpy can appear on anywhere including thighs, tummy, buttocks, armpits, web of fingers, and back. The rashes can appear on the scalp and face, kneecaps, hand’s palms and sides and soles of the feet.

Sometime rashes are decisive as they are common among most of the skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, other than scabies.


Your child experiences intense itching passing from hands to the other body parts. It may be unbearable for him during night.


They are the fluid filled and raised spot clusters that may 1 c.m or larger in diameter.


They are the pimple like swelling having a diameter less than one centimeter.

Mite Tunnels:

These burrows like formation can appear on the skin parts like finger web, elbows and wrists, the armpit, nipples, palms, soles and genitals. The rash and symptoms are occurred when mites cause allergic reaction.

In some cases, there is itching without the sign of any rash.

How Doctor Examine the Scabies in Children?

To confirm if your child has scabies, a physician either examines the symptoms or rubs the ink over the burrows and then wipes off the ink. It leaves a line on the burrows as the ink settle down. He can take a skin sample for a microscopic observation.


Besides your child, a physician can check you for any potential signs of the scabies, as they may develop within two weeks of infection. He prescribes you topical ointment containing 5 % permethrin to be applied on the affected parts of your child’s body. These ointments are easily available at most of the drugstores. A physician will prescribe 6% precipitated sulphur for young babies.

The treatment can take one week or two for the complete healing of your children. However, your child may experience itching while undergoing the treatment for which a doctor can prescribe a corticosteroid cream. You must see your doctor as per your follow-up is.


  • Maintain hygiene including at personal level across your home. For better cleaning, you can vacuum cleaner.
  • Wash your child’s clothes, towels and bedding separately. Use them when they are dried completely.
  • Follow the clinical guidelines

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