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Scabies is a skin disease that causes an incessant itching if left untreated. Treating it is vital for the good health of the skin. Various ointments available in the market for the treatment of scabies are useless and are hardly effective. So, it is important to be wise and without hurting your pocket, go ahead with an effective product to treat your scabies in the first go- Dr. Scabies. Dr. Scabies is a product that works systematically and in stages help to cure your scabies without any side-effects.

Dr. Scabies® products provide the best treatment regimen that is completely safe on the skin to treat scabies naturally.

Dr. Scabies

The major ingredient of each product of Dr. Scabies is SULFUR– A component recognized, approved and officially monographed by the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of United States (HPUS). All the products of Dr. Scabies are a top-notch product with high standards and efficacy to active ingredients.

Sulfur has been known to human race from a long time and is used as a powerful medicinal composition for treating various ailments including scabies. Many studies and researches have shown results that sulfur is very effective to treat and eradicate scabies and all other parasites.

Scabies is a disease which demands urgent and effective treatment, so always choose the highest, safest, purest and most natural sulfur formulation.


A study was conducted by Dr. Scabies to document the healing progress of 1000 people all over the New York treated with different products of Dr. Scabies (Homeopathic Scabies Soap, concentrated solution, and cream). All three products were used consecutively and repeated in 4 – 15 days until they were cured. The patient’s clothing including bed linens were disinfected and washed in the hot cycle of the washing machine and dried in the hot cycle of the dryer for 10-20 minutes as well.

  • Out of the 1000 cases, 97% showed complete cure within 4-15 days.


  • Among that 97% population, 94% who had localized lesions and mild to moderate infestation healed within 4-7 days.


  • The rest of the 97% were categorized as moderate to severe cases with secondary infection and have lesions widely-spread on the hands, feet, and torso were treated longer. It took them 8-15 days to be completely cured.


  • 3% of the 1000 cases failed not because the treatment regimen lacked strength or effectiveness but due to patients who either defaulted (did not report back or were not been able to contact by their treatment partners) or skipped the daily application of the treatment.


The effectiveness of Dr. Scabies can be judged from the below-mentioned feedback of one of our satisfied customer.

“Recently I came back home from a trip to a lake with an irksome rash that made me go insane with deliberate itching. I had my share of worst itching experience, especially during the night time. When I consulted my dermatologist, he diagnosed me with scabies infection. I was infected mainly on the chest, underarms, and legs. The doctor prescribed me Dr. Scabies®. I and my whole family applied the product and left it overnight and washed it off the next morning. We repeated the procedure for a couple of weeks. It worked wonders and now we are healed. Man, this treatment really worked!” – Steve Patrick


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