Dr Scabies Is Better Than 10 Tubes Of Permethrin!

Dr. Scabies, Scabies Treatement, Eliminate Scabies Mites, Dr. Scabies Natural Treatment, Permethrine ScabiesTreatmentIf you check the testimonials section of our website, you will read the wonderful things people all over the world are writing about Dr. Scabies products. We have come to be respected as one of the most reliable and trusted brand for having developed products that help you get rid of scabies infection.

Until now, many people have used permethrin based creams for scabies treatments. Most of them regret the decision and are now using Dr Scabies treatment regime.

Here’s telling you why Dr Scabies is really better than 10 tubes of permethrin put together:

1. Completely Safe

Customers are opting for Dr. Scabies as it is easily available over the counter and is made up of completely natural ingredients. There are no harmful chemicals in it and no side effects no whatsoever.

2. Natural Ingredients

Since 80% of the components in Dr. Scabies are natural extracts, there is very little chance of an allergic reaction. The sulfur levels in it are at the safest percentage allowed and the products have been made while adhering to strict norms and regulations of reputed regulatory bodies in the United States.

3. Easy To Use

Dr. Scabies asks all its users to invest in a family kit in order to ensure that the bug is eradicated forever. Families that have followed the simple instructions diligently have had to never face the menace again.

4. Feedback

Customers who have earlier tried a treatment based on permethrin have reported that the re-infestation was very frequent. There have been cases where they have used up to ten tubes but got no relief. But after using Dr.Scabies for just a week, they got immense relief and freedom from the itching.

Dr scabies kills scabies mites

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