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Leading Scabies CreamDr. Scabies is the only safe and natural remedy for Scabies. If you don’t want to expose your body to pesticide based creams, then go for Dr. Scabies today. In four to seven days, the infection will be a thing of the past.

Dr. Scabies is an FDA recommended and registered natural cure for scabies. It is based on age old remedies listed in the science of Homeopathies. This sulfur based drug preparation is guaranteed to rid you of the pain and irritation of a scabies infection.

You are safe with Dr. Scabies

When you choose Dr. Scabies – you can be assured that you are in good hands. All products from Dr. Scabies are manufactured have received approval on the basis of the monographs of HPUS (Homeopathic Pharmacopoiea of United States). So you have reasons to believe that there is no compromise whatsoever on the quality and efficiency of the ingredients. Unlike other products in the market, Dr. Scabies will not cause any side effect of any kind.

Scabies creams manufactured by Dr. Scabies do not contain any traces of harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, silicon or other derivatives from animals. The percentage of natural components is more than 80% and that’s a guarantee from Dr. Scabies.

The essential components in Dr. Scabies Cream

Have a look at some of the amazing components that go into a Dr. Scabies product. The manufacturer ensures that you are rid of this depressed state at the earliest.

Sulfur – is known to treat skin problems effectively. The experts at Dr. Scabies infuse it in all their products at the highest permissible level.

Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil or tea tree oil as we commonly know it has excellent antiseptic properties. It provides a high degree of protection against infections and is used to treat all kinds of wounds.

Jojoba and soy oils are really powerful antioxidants and help in controlling the level of inflammation in a skin infection. These are rich in Vitamin E.

Products from Dr. Scabies

Dr. Scabies suggests that if a family member gets infected by scabies mites, the whole family should be treated for it in order to control the infestation. Have a look at the products from the manufacturer –

Dr. Scabies SOLUTION

Every time you take a bath, add ten to twelve drops of this solution to the water. Soak yourself for fifteen to twenty minutes and feel the relief that sweeps all over your body.

Remember to air dry yourself.

Dr. Scabies Soap

It s recommended that the wound is washed with the soap at least twice a day. This procedure needs to be followed daily for five to ten days.

Dr. Scabies Cream

The cream needs to be applied on the affected area where mites are constantly planning to unleash hell. A single application in a day should suffice. 

Be safe and Relieved

Don’t torture your body by going for harmful creams that will leave you with more side effects than relief. Go for a trusted brand that completely understands your agony and is offering you a reliable and safe solution.

Dr. Scabies kills scabies completely

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