Dr. Scabies or Permethrin- Which is the better solution?

A person who is infested with scabies knows it, how hard it is to get relief from this itchy and painful skin condition. What more fearful is that most of the treatments available in the market make use of permethrin- which is not at all good for your skin. Thankfully, Dr Scabies is safe and effective. Learn how it makes a difference!

When it is about the highly contagious skin condition, scabies is one of the most dreadful in the list. It is said to be caused by contamination with parasite microscopic mites. A human is said to have scabies when he is infested by the mites responsible for causing scabies, i.e. Sarcoptes scabiei var. hominis. Being a contagious disorder it can be easily acquired when a healthy person come into contact with an infected person or contaminated objects.

Scabies mites are said to exist greatly in overcrowded places such as nursing homes, kindergartens, orphanages, and schools. When a person is suspected with scabies bugs, doctors recommend people to avoid entering in contact with others. In order to prevent the spreading of scabies, it is important to go for proper medication.

Permethrin- kills skin or mites?

The maximum number of scabies treatments available in the market contains one essential element. It is none other than- permethrin. Undoubtedly, it is one of the widely prescribed treatments for scabies. However, as per the latest research and reports it is strictly prohibited. The reason being it consists of properties of a chemical pesticide. Hence, if your cream contains permethrin, you need to think twice and assure whether it is the best scabies solution for you.

If not permethrin, then how to kill scabies mites?

Definitely, this is the next question to prompt through your mind. Isn’t it? While surfing through internet, you will get endless articles and blogs to treat scabies naturally. While some recommend use of tea tree oil, others prefer using lavender oil. But here, nothing as such is recommended to you. These home remedies may or may not work. However, they are said to ensure some temporary relief. But killing the mites and their eggs completely is not an easy task.

Lack of proper treatment can make you miserable. Thus, it is important to treat your scabies in a more efficient and effective way. You need a solution which is not only safe, but also treat the problem in minimum amount of time. Therefore, the right and safe solution to your problem is using Dr. Scabies. Yes, comprising of safest quantity of Sulphur and natural oils, it turn out to be one of the quickest and safest scabies relief formulation.

Why Dr. Scabies is better?

  • Dr. Scabies is nowadays being recommended by a large number of medical practitioners from all over the globe. Permethrin based creams are said to contain pesticides, which is used to kill insects. These creams might kill the mites residing in your body, but these are never good to your skin. On the contrary, Dr. Scabies is an all natural formulation. Yes, it doesn’t contain any chemicals in it, making it a safe product for scabies treatment.


  • With permethrin cream usage, there are high chances of severe side effects including greater redness, swelling, heightened itching sensations, etc. However, Dr. Scabies is formed using natural ingredients and thus, chances for side effects are negligible in this case.


  • This one is more serious! Permethrin is also known to be a possible carcinogen. Yes, you got it right it is one such an ingredient which might cause cancer among people who are using it. Thus, if you are using it to kill the mites, you might end up causing greater harm to your body.

Dr. Scabies comes with no such negative attributes. Being an FDA registered product, it consist of more than 80% natural herbal extracts. Thus, you can count on it every time.

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