Dr. Scabies Vs Naturasil Vs EmuAid

Dr. Scabies vs Naturasil vs Emuaid

Among the better products that are available in the market to cure scabies, we’ve got naturasil, EmuAid and of course, our very own Dr. Scabies. However, among these, Dr. Scabies features on the top because of its quick relief and totally natural composition.

If you ask a doctor or any medical practitioner about the three medicines which are repeatedly prescribed for a complete revival from scabies, you will come across three names—EmuAid, Naturasil and Dr. Scabies. However, it is also really very important to know which one among these is the best; after all, you wouldn’t want anything other than the best for yourself or your near and dear ones, would you?

Scabies is a horrible infection and no one would want to go for anything less than the best they can get their hands on!

Ingredients’ List:

If you compare the lists of ingredients of all these three medicines, you’d find Dr. Scabies’ list completely bereft of any chemical substance. Other two medicines are also natural but a completely chemical free ingredient list is amiss in them. That’s what a large number of people suffering from scabies outbreaks fail to understand until they go through the manuals or detailed information published on official websites of these products.

Specialized Medicine:

If you’re suffering from scabies and applying EmuAid, be assured of undergoing a much prolonged treatment for EmuAid is a general skin cream and doesn’t specialize in curing scabies per se. Yeah, that’s correct.

Being a mite-borne disease, you not only need to mend your blistered skin and rashes but also need to terminate all the mites. EmuAid can almost certainly excel in doing the first part really well, but for the second and the most important part, you do need a specialized medicine. And, EmuAid isn’t such. Same is the case with Naturasil.

However, Dr. Scabies, as you can well understand from its nomenclature itself, is a cream completely dedicated to treating scabies and can terminate mites completely. And, with its natural ingredients, it will also repair your skin like before—or even better!

Side Effects:

Coming to Naturasil, yes it’s a very good product but if you carefully examine ingredients’ list, you’ll come to know that the dosage prescribed there is much less than our Dr. Scabies.

Besides, Naturasil’s main ingredient is sulphur whose smell is indeed unwelcome to many and can cause severe headaches too. Also, there may be some allergic rashes too!

With Dr. Scabies, you can be rest assured that such attacks won’t be a part and parcel of your treatment.

Why Dr. Scabies?

Dr. Scabies has been applauded by many physicians and medical practitioners on the note that the ingredients used are of the highest strength and quality and doesn’t contain anything (even in minute concentrations) that can make the patient feel uncomfortable or at dismay. Also, it works at a much rapid pace than its counterparts. So, if you want to get rid of scabies, look no further than Dr. Scabies. You know now that it’s way better than Naturasil or EmuAid. 

Dr scabies kills scabies mites

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