Eczema In Children: Essential Things You Should Know

How to tell if your baby has eczema? How to take care of your kid with eczema? Here we have come up essential things about child eczema.

Did you know? 31.6 m people in the USA have eczema in some form. And 10% of them are infants. It means that eczema in kids is common in the nation. In this context, here is a key finding by the NCBI on the child eczema…

Kid with Eczema

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“67% (95% CI: 64.8 – 69.2) of children with eczema reportedly had mild, 26.0% (95% CI: 23.9 – 28.1) moderate and 7.0% (95% CI: 5.8 – 8.3) severe disease. That is equivalent to 5.6, 2.2 and 0.6 million US children having a mild, moderate and severe disease, respectively.”

It is important to know that eczema is varied by body parts of the kids. Furthermore, they may occur on the different location at the different time.

Sometimes, it is difficult to tell if your child has eczema due to the signs that may look like common rashes. Below given things help you know everything about eczema.

How to Tell If My Kid Has Eczema?

First of all, take a note of the signs like red patches, itching, and dryness. These signs look like cradle cap. If these signs occur on the face, chin, and cheeks of a kid, chances are high that they have eczema.

But there is a catch—eczema signs sometimes occur on the other body parts and may vary from one kid to the other. Generally, one year from the birth, eczema is likely to occur on the back of the knees, inside of the elbows and on the ankles. Atopic Dermatitis is the common type of eczema found in kids. If you can’t tell if the rashes are really eczema, it is better to see your physician.

What Causes Eczema in Kids?

It is said that eczema is a genetic health condition, meaning that if one of parents or both has eczema; the child is likely to have it. Sometimes, eczema is caused by the skin layers when the body fails to generate fatty cells (ceramides) to create moisture.

Does Eczema Resolve On its Own Without Treatment?

Eczema in the kids goes away on its own as a kid age, generally before their preschool age. But it can reoccur in their adulthood when kids have dry skin.

How is Eczema in Kids treated?

Whether your kids have eczema or you can’t tell the difference, you should seek a medical assistance. Based on your kid’s condition, a physician prescribed you medications to heal dryness, itching and inflammation. Generally, the medication includes topical steroids, oral antihistamines, oral antibiotics, oral steroids and topical immunomodulators. Moreover, you will be provided with the instructions to bathe your kids.

How to Take Care of Your Kid with Eczema?

  • Make them wear breathable fabrics like cotton as woolen clothes may be scratchy.

  • Use mild and fragrance-free soaps to bathe your children.
  • Tell your kids not to scratch as it can worsen eczema.
  • Use OTC medications including topical steroids, steroid-free topical ointments and oral antihistamines to ease your kid’s symptoms.

AND ABOVE ALL, keep in touch with your doctor, especially if there is no improvement in your kid’s condition.

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