Eczema- Learn From Those Who Suffer From This Skin Disease

Eczema is a condition where patches of skin become inflamed, itchy, red, cracked, and rough. Sometimes one gets confused whether he/she is suffering from eczema or scabies.

Eczema may also accompany with it sever blisters. Eczema is embarrassing and very irritating skin disease that hurts lot of mental health and deteriorates the sufferer, both professionally and personally.

Eczema on hand

The article shares advices of few brave people who suffer from eczema. All these advices are mentioned on Read the article and get motivated. You are not the alone who suffer from eczema. 

•    Sham’s advice to people suffering from eczema

Sham’s was diagnosed with eczema when he was seven. Although this was initially difficult, Shams began to understand the importance of a consistent treatment routine when he got older. His triggers include dust, sweat, and possibly stress.

Sham’s advice to other young people with eczema is to get into a disciplined routine of treatment and to speak to a healthcare professional about alternatives when a treatment doesn’t work very well. 

•    Gary and his fight against eczema

Gary has had eczema most of his life but started to have particularly severe flare-ups after the age of 18. He finds it difficult to do even small daily tasks when his skin is bad because it is so sore. He enjoys walking and finds it an important way to cope with stress.

Gary finds that walking really helps his emotional health; he likes to listens to music and day dream whilst out walking. Another example is that drinking a few beers in the evening can help him unwind and have a more positive outlook on life, something which he says helps calms down his eczema.

•    Brave Molly defeats eczema in her own way

Molly has had eczema for as long as she can remember. She found it especially difficult to cope with at age 14/15 but now feels that eczema is part of her identity and that she is a more confident person than she might otherwise have been.

Molly is confident that she now knows how to manager her eczema if she can stick to a routine of applying creams and be aware of triggers. She has made some changes which have helped her skin, such as moving from the contraceptive pill to the coil – although she is unsure how her skin will react if she lives fulltime with a partner in the future. 

•    Anissa advice to doctors and those who suffer from eczema

Anissa has had eczema since she was a baby. She has tried different moisturisers and steroid creams to treat her skin. She thinks that doctors should provide more information and support to young people who have had eczema since childhood.

Anissa thinks that it’s important for young people to know that their eczema will get better providing they learn to manage it well. She says that GPs should offer more support to their patients by giving more information, offering different moisturisers to choose from, monitoring flare ups more closely and helping add the use of medications into their patients’ everyday routines. 

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