Effective Ways to Treat Scabies Naturally and Quickly at Home

Scabies is a contagious infection and so just about anyone can acquire it. It is a very uncomfortable, highly contagious skin condition which can spread quickly amid people by direct contact or through sharing of personal belongings such as, clothing, towel or bedding. Since, scabies does not subside without treatment; one should seek medical attention immediately on being infested with scabies mites. Permethrin cream is the most commonly prescribed medication by doctors, but there are a host of home remedies that can help get rid of scabies really fast.

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Scabies is caused by a parasitic mite called the Sarcoptes Scabiei, which burrows deep into the human skin and survives for months feeding on the skin. A person infested with scabies may not realize (or have symptoms) of scabies up until two months since the mites began to feed on the skin.

Generally, scabies appears in between the fingers, around the waist, on the shoulder blades, in the soles of the feet, on the armpits, around the genital area and/or on the knees and elbows. When scabies forms into red rash and begins to itch, that’s when a person actually begins to see a problem. Even though the burrows dug up by the mites in the skin are visible to the human eye, but they often go unnoticed until the signs of scabies creep in.

Common symptoms of scabies

  • Intense pain
  • Severe, uncontrollable itching
  • Red bumpy rashes
  • Complete redness in the infested area

Home-based treatment for scabies with alternative medicine

Scabies in addition to being painful and severely itchy is also very weakening to a person’s immune system. Moreover, these parasitic mites are highly contagious. The spread from within the body and can also be transferred to people around through direct contact or through sharing or clothing, towels, bedding and even furniture.

It is therefore difficult to get the parasites off your body. Medication is therefore designed to kill the mites inside the skin and to stop them from replicating. Allopathic medications you get to rub on the infested area have plenty of poisonous and harmful chemicals that may do more harm than good.

Alternative medicines have cure, which can help you get rid of scabies quicker than the doctor prescribed Permethrin cream. Alternatively, ancient medication, if we may, works not only by killing scabies mites it also helps improve health of the body.

Two most important medications besides Permethrin cream are tea tree oil and neem oil.

Applying tea tree oil is one of the most popular ways to eliminate scabies. Tea tree oil can be applies directly on the bite areas and elsewhere the person is feeling itchy. Correct way to apply it is with a cotton swab (avoid hand contact with the bite). The oil penetrates into the skin and suffocates the mites, which die over a period of time.

Neem oil is organic oil which has insecticide properties. The natural insecticide does not directly kill scabies mites; instead it prevents reproduction in mites, which automatically means a significant reduction in mites over time. People tend to experience a drastic fall in new bites and itching only in couple of days of applying neem oil.

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