Experiences Of People Who Once Suffered From Scabies

When it comes to purchasing of any product, customer review plays an important role. And when the concern is your health, you should be extra cautious while buying any product as a bad product can pave way for severe side-effects that can be highly injurious for health.

The article shares few feedbacks of the customers who used Dr. Scabies. Read them carefully and choose wisely.

People Who Once Suffered with scabies

Randy Vin and his fight against Scabies

“It was really difficult for me when I contracted scabies. The fear of getting laid off at work if the management finds out was paralyzing. I consulted many doctors and but none of them could pinpoint what kind of disease I have. The last doctor I consulted diagnosed me with Scabies and prescribed me with Permethrin. Unfortunately, after few days of its usage, my skin broke out even a lot worse than the original state. I started to research myself that what could be done to completely heal myself. I stumbled on Dr. Scabies in search of a new hope and I was willing to try anything at this point. I have been using this product twice daily as directed, for one week now, and my skin condition became much better. Now believe me this was a scabies infestation, and this premium small family package did what it is supposed to do. I can certainly cancel the dermatologist appointment coming up.”

Miller Johnson and his struggle with Scabies

“People will not realize what it feels like until they get a first-hand experience of a particular misfortune or disaster. I had scabies for months and I tried every possible method I found on the internet, even bathe with Borax! I soaked my skin in bleach, name it I have done it all. What’s worse, the rashes are multiplying in my body I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror anymore! After trying almost everything, a friend of mine recommended trying Dr. Scabies. I could not thank her enough for insisting that I try it. It was a miracle. Every day I felt better and better until I noticed that I don’t see anything and feel anything crawling on my skin anymore. I did everything that was written on the leaflet and never missed a single day. I am definitely a healed person today and back on my daily routine.”

Lou Vienna and her experience with Dr. Scabies

“I am a 49-year old Hispanic woman and I was admitted in a hospital in California due to intense itching and multiple rashes. I was in rehabilitation center for several months for my physical therapy. About 4 weeks later after I was dismissed from rehab, I started seeing rash in between my fingers, elbows, and wrists and continued to progress in other parts of my body. The doctor checked me up and diagnosed with scabies. I was prescribed with permethrin and another orally-taken drug. Unfortunately, my body did not respond very well. The problem kept on multiplying, getting worse. I finally took the matter into my hands and found Dr. Scabies. I was skeptic at first because it looked too good to be true. So I called their hotline. After winning my trust, I purchased the products right away.  I did not have extreme reaction or rejection to the treatment. I saw visible improvements daily until I was treated.”

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The active ingredients of Dr. Scabies Treatment formulas are officially monographed in the "Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of The United States."