Facts that You Should Know about Scabies Burrows

Once a person gets infested by Scabies, it may take as long as six weeks for the symptoms to show.

Scabies infection does not show visible signs immediately. The mites may continue digging tiny tunnels along your skin for many weeks at a stretch before you finally realize that you’ve got the infection. We all need to be aware that during this gestation period, the infected person might have passed on the mites to all the individuals he was in touch with. That’s one reason why it’s recommended that you get all of your family members treated whether they report any signs of scabies burrows or not.

1. Common Symptoms of Scabies Burrows

The first sign of scabies is itching; it is so intense that some patients find it intolerable. The itching gets unbearable during the night time. The skin bursts into a rash that resembles pimples.

The common areas of the body that get easily infected are the wrists, elbows, skin between the fingers and the waist line. The rash sometimes turns to blisters and sores that further get infected by bacteria.

2. Burrows on the Skin

Burrow like formations can easily be spotted on the surface of the skin. The female mites keep tunneling under the surface of the skin in order to lay eggs. These burrows are formed due to that tunneling exercise.

3. Identifying Burrows

On close examination of the skin, these burrows look very small. They are usually crooked in shape and raised. They might be grayish or similar to the color of the skin. Some doctors conduct an ink test on these burrows to confirm the Scabies infestation. The burrows are clearly visible as long crooked lines in the results of that test.

4. Common locations for Burrows

All areas of the body covered by jewelry and clothes are favorite haunts of the Scabies mites. Mites like to burrow under the belt line, the skin covered by a watch, bracelet or rings.

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