Food and Diet Tips to Add Healthy Years to LIFE

Food and Diet Tips to Add Healthy Years to LIFE

Good food means good health and good mind. This not only maintains your health but also keeps reduces risk of various diseases. Thus, it is very important to become aware of what you feed your body.

Following are few basic tips that can add more healthy years to your life.

Focus on starchy foods

One-third of your diet should be made of starchy foods which include potatoes, cereals, pasta, rice and bread. You can even eat wholegrain varieties or potatoes with their skins on if possible as they are rich in fiber and also serve as a full meal.

Make sure your meal includes one starchy food.

Eat lots of fruit

Fruits are the best way to keep you healthy giving you all the vital nutrients as needed by the body. Thus, it’s recommended to eat a bowl full of fruit of various varieties to satisfy all the important nutrition needs of your body.

A glass of unsweetened 100% fruit juice, chopped banana over your breakfast cereal, or few pieces of fresh papaya or watermelon is always nourishing and refreshing.

Cut down intake of saturated fat and sugar

Although fat is needed by the body to carry out heavy processes and to use it at times of fasting but excess of it can cause a lot of diseases- obesity, high cholesterol and heart diseases. This type of fat which is harmful for our body is known as saturated fat. It is found in hard cheese, cakes, biscuits, sausages, cream, butter, lard and pies.

If you want a healthy heart you will have to cut down consumption of saturated fat intake and switch to unsaturated fats such as vegetable oils and avocados. Even sugary foods and drinks that include alcoholic drinks, if consumed in excess can lead to tooth decay, weight gain and many other health problems.

Reduce sodium intake

Salt does add a lot of mesmerizing taste to your food and it’s nearly impossible to give it up totally. But to your surprise salt is already present in foods which we buy already contain a lot of salt such as breakfast cereals, soups, breads and sauces. High intake of salt can raise blood pressure levels and such people are at greater risk of developing high blood pressure and heart disease.

If the food item you are buying contains more than 1.5g of salt per 100g means then it indicates high amount of salt. It is advisable to consume only 6g of salt in a day.

Physical activity means a healthy body and mind

Physical activity not just keeps you active but also helps you to shed off those extra pounds and reducing your risk of type 2 diabetes, certain cancers, heart disease and stroke. Thus, include some yoga stretches, walk, swimming, cycling in your daily routine.

If you are not sure about the amount of exercise you should do it’s good to check your BMI or body mass index. This will help you to know the kilos you need to shed and thus the number of hours you need to spend for exercise daily.

Keep yourself hydrated

Our body needs about 1.6 to 2 liters of fluid (in addition to daily diet) to prevent dehydration. Although non-alcoholic drinks counts but prefer water and lower-fat milk to alcohol and other beverages.

Don’t go for sugary soft and fizzy drinks as they will only ruin your teeth with high sugar in them. Keep yourself hydrated irrespective of the weather conditions.

Breakfast is important

Many people have a notion that skipping breakfast will speed up their weight loss process but this is not true. According to research, eating breakfast helps to control weight. A healthy breakfast which contains all the necessary ingredients is must for good health.

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