Get rid of body lice infestation and treat it naturally!

Itchy skin is a common symptom associated with many medical issues, including infections, allergic reaction and disorders. However, there is an uncontrollable itching all over the body that is associated with the parasite, its time tale proactive stance. Lice infection on the body is also known as pediculosis. It’s a common disease, the worldwide cases number hindered in million. Body case occasionally causes illness, Such as typhus, relapsing fever, trench fever. Lice infection is an itching infection experience that can be embarrassing more than a medical condition. One of the main reasons for the body lice infestation is a poor hygienic practice.

Get rid of body lice infestation and treat it naturally!

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Reusing dirty clothes not taking shower for several days and using the personal belonging of others, who are infected with the body lice? The presence of body lice is not difficult to detect as they cause red bumps and extreme itching. There are many home remedies to treat body lice.If you are not aware of what to do to use. This article will help you to find the solution.

Neem leaf extract

Neem is used for leprosy, eye disorder, bloody nose, intestinal worms, stomach upset, loss of appetite, skin ulcer, disease of heart and blood, fever etc. It an antibacterial and antiseptic par excellence. Take 1/4th kg neem and boil it in 2 liters of water. Fill it in bathtub along with warm water. Soak your body in it for about half an hour. Do this until all lice on your skin effectively removed. You canalso use it by making its paste and apply it all over your body. Leave it till it’s dry and scrub it off before taking bath. Body lice can affect your clothes, bed, blankets and all that stuff that you use. Therefore disinfecting this thing are also important. You can also soak these things in neem’s hot water for an hour and wash them off with a brush thoroughly.


Vinegar is high in acetic acid, which has potent biological effects and can kill anytypes of bacteria. It can provide instant relief by killing body lice. It’s an acidic base that can also prove to be harmful to the skin. Especially when it is raw and scathed from consistent scratching. To avoid the corrosion vinegar needs to be diluted with an equal proportion of vegetable oil from exerting its fangs on your skin. Take 1:2 ratio of  vinegar and vegetable oil, apply this mixture all over your body and leave it for 30 minutes. It will create a protective layer and prevent your skin from damage.

Apricot leaf extract

When the lice infestation becomes very terrible, the itching will cause your skin to crack. This will leads to formation wounds. This is a very difficult situation that will eventually lead to skin infestation. Apricot leaves are also good to treat these damaged skin. Gather apricot leave and extract its juice. Apply the paste on the affected skin and leave it for one hour. Afterwards, wash the affected area with warm water.

Drumsticks leafs and sesame seeds

Sesame oil has been used for centuries in healing wounds and hence it is great for healing lesions. Whereas drumstick leafs also has the qualities of antioxidants and is very notorious.

Take 500g of drumstick and leave the extracted juices from them.  Take 500 grams of drumstick leaves and extract the juice from them. Take equal amount (nearly 500 grams) of sesame seeds oil and mix it with the extracted drumstick juice.

Heat the mixture until all the water evaporates. Let it cool, and after cooling, apply to the lesions on your skin. Keep applying it two times every day for two weeks. This application will kill the body lice due to antibacterial qualities of drumstick and will also prevent infections.

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