Get Rid Of Scabies Mites from Your Home

Scabies at home, Eliminate Scabies, Treat Scabies at homeScabies is a highly contagious infection. It spreads quite easily from one person to another through direct contact. After the doctor gives your family a clean chit, it is important to drive the mites away from your home.

Scabies can spread through the bedding and clothes of an infected person. It is therefore important to disinfect the whole house to ensure that the scabies mites are eradicated completely.

Read on to know how to eradicate Scabies form your home –

1. Treatment for the Sheets, Towels and Clothing

Wash all clothing, towels and sheets in the hottest cycle of the machine and then dry them the same way.

Dry heat and high temperatures can help kill the eggs and the mites. The pillows and the blankets can be put in the drier only and treated to high temperatures for 30 minutes or more. It should be ensured that the laundry is absolutely dry; this will improve the chances of scabies mite eradication.

2. Treatment of the Furniture and Carpets

Normally, rugs and carpets are not highly infected by Scabies, as the mites choose to live inside the body of the host and not outside. A normal, infected person carries ten to fifteen mites. The chances of the carpet or rug getting infected are high in the case of a Norwegian crusted scabies infection. By using a vacuum on the furniture and the rugs, the mites can be knocked off these materials.  

3. The Scabies Life Cycle

All mites that are trying to somehow stay live on the sheets and clothes die a natural death within 2 days in the absence of a host. So, keep your home clean, and do the full course of the Scabies treatment!

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