Good Bath Etiquettes Can Help You Get Rid Of Scabies

Being a very unpleasant skin disease, scabies is said to be caused due to presence of tiny mites beneath skin. Let’s find out how bathing right way can help you reducing the after effects.

Have you recently found some pink and raised bumps on your skin? Are these filled with fluid and itches a lot? And these are accompanied with rashes?


Symptoms indicated towards itch disease, scabies. Basically, it is caused by mites, forming burrows under the upper layer of human skin. These bugs feed on your blood and lay eggs. Being extremely itchy condition, it affects more than 130 million people at any time.

Here it is worth noticing that people of any class or race can get scabies. And yes, it can be really difficult to treat. If you are looking forward to control itching sensation, meanwhile getting rid of mites, you can try any of these bathing ideas.

Soaking In Colloidal Oatmeal Bath

Wondering what is colloidal oatmeal? It is simply oats ground into an extremely fine powder. It carried properties that comfort the itch very well. Hence, you can add the same to your bathwater and create a milky cloud which stays in the water. It doesn’t just sink to the bottom of the bath. Being grounded, it sets into the skin and nourishes deeply.

Whenever it itches a lot, run your bath with lukewarm water and add a packet of colloidal oatmeal. Keep it under the faucet to help disperse the oatmeal nicely. In addition, you can add up some good ingredients to your oatmeal bath. These include baking soda and coconut oil. It really helps out your skin. You can take upwards of three baths a day. And after having a long soak, it is good to wash off a bit in cold water.

Epsom Salt Bath

When you need other great soaking option for itch, consider taking an epsom salt bath. Also called magnesium-sulphate, these salts tend to reduce inflammation. Moreover, it will help keep your mineral contents in check. And yes, if you like to take a super hot bath that is okay with Epsom salt. Reason being, the heat will help the salts to absorb into your skin better. However, you might have to deal with a bit dryer skin type.

Shower In Cold Water

Generally, hot showers might feel relieving, however, this might tend to make the itchiness worse. The reason is pretty simple; excessively hot water quickly dries out and causes more irritation to the skin. So, if you instead bathe in cold water you will soothe your skin. Plus, it helps keeping the natural balance of oils (like sebum) intact. Remember, your skin is already suffering and you need to prevent it from getting worse.

In case, you cannot handle cold water showers, you can gradually increase the temperature and use lukewarm water. It should be just enough that you can bear.

Choose Your Soaps and Detergents Wisely

Are you using those commercial soaps? Please stop right away as it can strip off your skin of natural oils. Today, most of the soaps available in the market have ingredients which are known skin irritants. So, these can create inflammation and eczema-like symptoms. You need to avoid the irritants at every cost. Instead using any commercial soap, you can use a sulfur cleansing bar which will really help keep the mites at bay.

So, try any of these and make yourself more comfortable.

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