Guest In My Home Has Scabies, Do I Have House Sterilized? Or, Will A Good Cleaning Do It? We Haven’t Had Skin Contact.

Scabies is one of the most contagious skin diseases in the history of mankind. The microscopic Scabies mites can drive a human being crazy with their itching and burrowing.

Scabies spreads easily by skin to skin contact, sexual relations and by sharing personal belongings. But the mite cannot survive outside the body of the host for more than 72 hours. So if you have an infected person as guest, get ready to sterilize the home once he leaves. Avoiding skin to skin contact is the most important thing to do.

1. The Mites Are Invisible and Microscopic

You won’t be able to see the mites with a naked eye, but accept the fact that they are there in the body of the host. Make a mental note of all the things touched by the infected guest and ensure that they are sterilized thoroughly.

2. Treatment for Bed Linen

The sheets, pillow, and the mattress that the guest used need to be sterilized completely. The best way to do that is to put them in a dryer on high settings for at least twenty minutes. The extreme heat will kill all mites that might be present.

3. Treatment for furniture and toys

Treat all furniture and stuffed toys the same way. Items that cannot be washed should be vacuum cleaned and sealed in packets for 72 hours at least. Remember to replace the bag of the vacuum cleaner for sure.

4. Clothes and Mattresses

Place a plastic sheet on the mattress and let it be litk that for at least 72 hours. Wash all clothes in the high settings. And run them though the drier before wearing them, just to be sure. Remember to treat car seats too.

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