Having a Strong Immune System May Prevent from Getting Scabies

Among the various factors causing scabies, a weak immune system is also a big cause. Those with impaired immune systems are easy targets for a rising scabies population. People who have weak immune power are likely to contract the worst cases of scabies, including Norwegian/crusted scabies. During these worsened conditions, the mites have multiplied into the hundreds of thousands, or even millions.

Our immune system is like our body’s own troops for shooting off any attacker that troubles the body. If we have a strong immune system, it can easily kick off minor infections and diseases keeping us fit and healthy. On the contrary, for a body with impaired immune system, even a common cold can turn into deadly pneumonia.

Likewise, scabies is also a contagious skin infection that can easily affect people with a weak immune system that tends to reach serious stage of the disease resulting in Norwegian/crusted scabies.

Boosting the Immune System

Improving the immune system can help the body to fight off external bacteria or virus triggering the body and prevent deadly diseases like scabies. If you want to combat scabies with your strong immune system, this is the post for you.

Here are the surefire tips to build a strong your immune response.

  1. Get sufficient sleep and feel relaxed

    The lifestyle we follow comprises of hush-rush, stressed out and overworked routine. And often, lack of sleep is what each one of us experience. Under-slept body is a perfect environment for scabies to contract.

    Our immune system is at its best when we take well rest and have minimal tension and friction in our life. Hence, take enough sleep and that too a sound sleeps. You need solid hours of sleep to produce HGH that is how the body heals itself. You should go to bed an hour earlier at night and try to make it a ritual. Don’t carry your office work at home. Take time off of work, if it is within your means.

  2. Supplement your immune system

    To improve your immune system, you can ingest immune tonics. These tonics can boost your body’s response and essential oils that travel to the skin causing extreme irritation to the scabies mites.


  3. Move your body and relax your mind.

    Over thinking causes stress and not enough physical movement causes inactivity. Having scabies infestation and thinking about it can be super stressful. There is a lot of discomfort and worry, for obvious reasons. People are often afraid of spreading the mites.

    To combat this stress and fear, a good solution is to keep your mind occupied by keeping yourself active or busy. Look for ways to indulge in some activity- go running, walk the dog, read books, go for a hike, lift some weights. These are all healthy for your body and ultimately a healthy mind means a healthy immune system. By keeping you moving reduces the chance that you will fall into a thinking rut.


While a strong immune system cannot end scabies infestations on its own, it can help you greatly to fight against the infection.

Scabies tend to secrete enzymes which will effectively block attacks from your immune system. Assume it to be a protective barrier. They create a protective “shell” around them which cannot be penetrated by the immune system killer cells. Hence, you can reduce the spread of scabies mites and disable many from calling your body home; however, you need proper medication and rest for your body’s defense to work well.

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