Here’s How Dr. Scabies Helps People Get Rid of Scabies

The Cream is Miracle…

“My daughter suffered from severe scabies infestation. We purchased the Dr. Scabies cream a few months ago and after only a few weeks it was completely cleared up! Miracle bc we have already been to the pediatrician, allergist, and dermatologist for answers. Thus is the only thing that worked! Thank you! I have referred several friends to your product.”

  • Jessica Jacobs

Dr. Scabies is the Savior for the Family…

“Recently I came back home from a trip to a lake with an irksome rash that made me go insane with deliberate itching. I had my share of worst itching experience especially during the night time. When I consulted my dermatologist, he diagnosed me with scabies. I was infected mainly on the chest, under arms and legs. The doctor prescribed me Dr. Scabies. I and my whole family applied the product and left it overnight and washed it off the next morning. We repeated the procedure for a couple of weeks. It worked wonders and now we are scabies free. Man this cream really worked!”

  • Steve Patrick

When Dr. Scabies Proves Better Than Prescribed Treatment

“I had severe scabies all over my face, neck, ears and all my body. My doctor prescribed me with lice treatment and assured that it was the same medicine used for scabies. The medication did not work at all and I went completely wacky, itching all over my body. I went to see another doctor who prescribed me Dr. Scabies. Surprisingly, I was relieved with only two applications within a gap of one week. Just can’t express my gratitude for this product. Thank you Dr. Scabies!”

  • Rebecca Smith

Dr. Scabies Clears Off Scabies within 10 Days…

 “I never imagined I would have scabies at some point in my life. I didn’t know where I contracted it from, zero knowledge on treatment and management and it was spreading like crazy all over my body. The itching was indescribable. I still couldn’t forget how it the itching felt like. I looked up different scabies treatment on the internet and found Dr. Scabies. They recommended me the most suited treatment kit and provided me step-by-step instructions. I strictly followed the instructions because I felt like I had to get rid of my scabies no matter what. I became scabies-free after 10 days. Thank you.”

  • Lauren

Get Improvement within the first 3 Days of Use…

“I’ve had scabies for a while and it grew resistant to any treatment that I tried. I am certain it was the permethrin that caused it to become like that. I used it every now and then for 6 months. I didn’t know it would turn out that way. I got so scared so I tried so many herbal products out there in the market. Deep down in my thoughts I knew that single herbal remedy could not possibly get rid of scabies permanently and the fact that my scabies was already resistant, it made me worry even more if will I ever be treated for good. My mom found Dr. Scabies online and bought it for me. She said it contains sulfur and plant oils like – sesame, sunflower, tea trea oil, cucumber extract and many others. I made some research on sulfur as well. I found out that it was the treatment of choice for resistant case of scabies. I was so amazed to get improvements for the first 3 days of use. The Dr. Scabies Starter Kit worked nothing like the products I used before. Today, I am enjoying a worry-free life without scabies.”

  • Maureen

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