Home remedy for scabies

Home remedy for scabies

Scabies is a skin disease which results into intense itching which keeps spreading all over the body if not treated on time. It is caused by an infestation of a parasite into the human body by means of close physical contact with the patient of scabies. The bug creates burrows in the skin where it lays eggs to multiply and decontaminate the whole body.

There are many OTC drugs for scabies treatment along with many natural remedies. The following article deals with DIY home remedies to kill scabies mites and lessen the itching.

There are a lot of treatment methods for scabies but many of these medicines are found to cause harmful side-effects in long term. Therefore, people now look for natural but effective remedies to get rid of scabies. 

Following are the possible home remedies for scabies treatment. 

Tea Tree Oil can help you to get rid of Scabies Fast

Tea tree oil is anti inflammatory, disinfectant, antiseptic, anti parasitic, anti bacterial and anti fungal and contains terpinen-4-ol which can destroy the scabies bugs. 

You can use a single tablespoon of tea tree oil and olive oil to apply over the itchy body parts. Using this remedy for three weeks can heal faster and lessen the itching. But pregnant women, nursing mothers and people with sensitive skin should use this remedy only with the doctor’s consultation. 

Onions are a miraculous solution

Onion contains quercetin which soothes the itching and the affected portion of the skin. 

It also contains Quercetin, along with the sulphur compounds which eradicates the scabies infection and also doesn’t let it spread to others. You can apply the onion juice on the scabies affected skin every few hours for immediate results. 

Vinegar’s acidity can blow off the scabies mites

Vinegar’s acidic nature can alter the living conditions of the scabies mites and make it difficult for them to survive. 

Use a cotton ball to apply undiluted white vinegar to apply to the affected skin. This process can be repeated for 3 to 4 times every day for a period of 12 days. The acidic nature of the vinegar will kill the Sarcoptes scabiei vermin and its eggs. But make sure you don’t use it in excess as it can affect the treatment process.

Borax is a powerful fungicide

Borax contains Hydrogen Peroxide which acts as a fungicide and bug spray to slaughter the mites of the scabies. 

You can soak in the bath water with Borax in it for some time. You can even use Borax to disinfect garments and bed sheets that are used by you during a day. 

Turmeric is a wondrous drug

Turmeric is a marvel herb which is known for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.  

You can form a paste by mixing single tablespoon of turmeric powder with few drops of lemon juice and apply it over the affected area for over an hour.  This process should be done once every day for witnessing a change in your situation. 

Margosa Oil can destroy the dust parasites 

Margosa oil helps in reducing scratching and due to its antibacterial nature it can even uproot the parasites.  

Margosa oil is an effective regime for handling skin conditions like pimple inflammation, dermatitis etc. Simply grind few crisp margosa leaves and apply it on the affected portion of the skin for a couple of hours.

Pure Lavender Oil can fasten up the recovery process

Unadulterated lavender oil can help to fasten up the skin cell recovery and kill the scabies causing mites.

You can add five drops of unadulterated lavender oil to the hot bath water. And then just allow your skin to absorb this water for around 15 minutes. This will not just soothe the skin but also can provide some relief from excess itching. Carry this procedure for few weeks till you don’t find relief. 

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