How Can I Get Treatment for Scabies with No Insurance or Money

Do you have scabies? Don’t worry. This infection is irritating as hell but its treatment sure isn’t expensive. Read on to know more.

Scabies may at first appear like a serious skin condition. The itch can drive anyone crazy and even make you lose your self esteem. After all, there’re so many stereotypes associated with this infection.

Not that Bad, Really!

Let us tell you that scabies is just a nasty infection and nothing more.

It isn’t as bad as AIDS, Cancer or any other serious medical condition for that matter. However, it doesn’t mean that scabies infection shouldn’t be dealt with, and on time. It’s absolutely necessary that you get yourself treated (and those you have been in physical contact with) as early as possible unless you are okay with idea of getting into a vicious cycle of treatment-and-relapse.

What Does the Treatment Cost?

No, you don’t need a great deal of money or insurance to afford scabies treatment.

The cost of a good product like Dr Scabies that can help you knock off the nasty mites within a time frame of a week or a little more is probably less than the cost of a burger and cold drink you buy every other day. Yes, that’s true.

While you may want to visit a doctor, pay a consultation fee and expect him to prescribe some expensive medicines for scabies treatment, the fact of the matter is that infections like scabies can be easily prevented and successfully treated by using a good quality cream, soap and other such products.

In fact, it doesn’t even make sense to try seeking compensation from an insurance company. The time spent on preparing the documentation is probably more expensive than the cost of a Dr Scabies tube!

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