How Diatomaceous Earth is effective in Treating Scabies?

Diatomaceous Earth is a safe, non-toxic substance made up from the fossils of freshwater and marine organisms. It is used to control mites, insects, and springtails. When insects and parasites scratch through the dust, it damages their exoskeleton and causing them to dehydrate and die. While these particles are deadly for any insect, humans and animals have no harm form these.


DE is used to control the outburst of scabies mites, skin parasites, bed bugs, lice, ants and just about any pest and insects in or around the home. As long as it is present, it stays active.


DE can be used on rugs, carpets, window sills, baseboards, on pets, in the home or outside on the lawn. It doesn’t harm plants or grass. To apply it, just shake it out over the infested areas you want to treat.

Prevent Reinfestation of Scabies with DE

  1. It is important for you to make your environment unwelcoming to Scabies mites in order to prevent reinfestation. Use DE to act as an enduring barricade between you and the mites. For a healthy, clean surrounding, apply Food-Grade DE on your furniture, on your carpets and bedding and even in your car to make them deadly to Scabies Mites and other parasites. It can also be used in the kitchen and over the belongings of your pets as it is completely a non-toxic fossil-shell dust.


  2. Most people are re-infested because of the infected mattresses. When you are sleeping or sitting on you bed, the scabies mites leave your body and venture into the mattress. They come back up the next night to re-infest you when they sense warmth. To kill these smart monsters and their eggs, use a Professional Steam Cleaner on the seams and tufts of your mattress and box spring. For long-term Scabies cure, shake DE over your mattress and keep a Mattress Cover over them to trap any Scabies that may have infested it and prevent any future infestations. This is important to eliminate reinfestation.


  3. All bed clothes including pillows should be put into the dryer EVERY NIGHT before on extreme temperature placing them on your bed. Note that 140 degree heat eliminates Scabies mites within 20 to 30 minutes. Remove any feather pillows and bag them up for later use. Excess bedding should be stored until the Mites have been eliminated to avoid excessive cleaning.


  4. To clean the carpets, car seats, office chair and other upholstered furniture, use a Steam Cleaner.


  5. You can get re-infested even from your shoes, socks and car mats. Hence, use the Professional Steam Cleaner to steam the floor boards and mats in your car and eradicate any Scabies mites or eggs infesting them. Spray DE in your shoes and then use a hot hairdryer in your shoes daily.


  6. Never use the same bath towel and always throw it in the clothes dryer on high before putting it in the dirty clothes hamper.


  7. Vacuum strongly. To remove as many Scabies mites as possible, discard the bag each time to prevent them from being blown right back into the air.


  8. Scabies Mites can survive for 24 and 72 hours without a host. Some mites can live up to a month off a host. Therefore, it’s important to understand that you can’t unbag too soon.

Treating Scabies is a multi-step process. Therefore, if not done correctly, probably you may not succeed in eradicating the Scabies Mites. It’s crucial to understand that the chances of being re-infested or transmitting them to others is great because Scabies can live off the host for a period of time with the purpose to re-infest you. Eradicating mites from your home, furniture, mattress, your car, your carpet and your clothes puts you in a position for success. The fact that Scabies Mites have been around for over 50 million years isn’t just a coincidence. Living on and off the host is their natural way of living making it very difficult to control them, particularly once they have established themselves in your home. For added protection, apply Dr. Scabies all over your body to avoid the re-infestation or contracting scabies transferred from others.

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