How Did My 1 Year Old Got Scabies? He is Not in Day Care

How Did My 1 Year Old Got Scabies? He is Not in Day Care

You must have heard of Scabies. It is one of the most contagious disorder, also known as “the human itch“. Caused due to the infestation by scabies mites, it can affect anyone, regardless of their age, gender and color.

Well, if you have been thinking that scabies affects only adults, it is not right! You need to understand that Scabies is a highly communicable disease and children are the most vulnerable to it. In several areas, the scabies infestation was found more in children when compared to adults.

Thus, if your child is suffering from scabies, it is an issue to worry for sure, but it is nothing unusual. The reason for this can vary. For this, you need to learn about the various modes of transmission.

How scabies mites are transmitted?

How scabies mites are transmitted?

This common skin infestation occurs due to the presence of tiny mites called Sarcoptes scabiei. These microscopic bugs enters through the top layer of human skin and form burrows there. The female mites lay their eggs and reproduce. Their moment inside the skin surface, their waste and residues causes small itchy bumps and blisters.

While these mites cannot fly or jump, yet they can be transmitted from person to person through:

Direct mode

Direct mode: If your child comes into direct skin contact with a scabies infected person.

For example, sleeping near the diseased.

Indirect mode: Often this is ignored. The mites can live off their host for 4 to 7 days. This means, scabies mites can be present on the chair, couch, towel, clothing, bedsheet, or any other item used by the diseased. Hence, if you are using the same stuff for your child, he becomes prone to scabies.

If scabies infects your child, you need to be very careful!

What are major symptoms of scabies in children?

What are major symptoms of scabies in children?

For the infants and young children, rashes on the scalp, palms, and the soles of feet is common. If proper attention is not given, these rashes turns redder and form larger blisters.

In children, the bumpy red rashes are the first symptom. Moreover, in several cases wavy lines appear on the inner part of the wrist, between the fingers or toes, from where the mites have burrowed.

How to cure it completely?

When it comes to children, things become more sensitive. Same is the case with scabies infestation.

What are major symptoms of scabies in children?

Generally, the noticeable signs start appearing after 3-4 weeks of being infected. If you want to avoid such circumstances, follow this:

  • Carefully check your child’s body. If it shows up blisters or red itchy blocks on specific areas like wrist, genital region, neck, elbows, hands or other hairless parts, there are chances that your child has scabies.
  • For the 2 years old or less, the symptoms can appear anywhere. Thus, if you find any such symptoms, rush to the doctor immediately.

The children’s skin is highly sensitive; you cannot try any solution or cream with harsh chemicals. It can prove to be more harmful. If you don’t want any uncanny reactions on their skin, you must opt for a solution which is effective, natural and safe. You can count on Dr. Scabies. Composed of natural oils and sulfur in an appropriate amount, this remedy cures scabies from the roots!

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