How do I get rid of scabies?

So the rashes have disappeared and the itching has vanished. You think the ordeal of scabies is over, but far from it. Scabies mites are the resistant type of parasites, who want to become your house guests at the next opportunity they get.

Scabies is a highly infectious disease. Just because your friend does not bathe daily, stop blaming her for the itch you got. Unlike old school, scabies is not a manifestation from unhygienic conditions.  Any of us can get it. You might be out camping or playing with your neighbor’s dog, when you first noticed the early signs!

The bad news is that this infection takes up to six weeks to show its first signs. So in other words, there is every possibility that you might have gifted the itch to your friends and family in those four to six weeks.

So, it’s not just you who needs to get rid of scabies but those around you also need to get treated. Dr. Scabies is one of the safest and most trusted names for scabies treatment worldwide. Their completely natural products have no side effects and eradicate the infection from its roots in a week or so.

Throw out the bug

The manufacturer advises that the medication be applied on the skin from the neck to the feet. Once you get a green signal, mild itching may still be there. You need to now throw out, any remains of the bug out of your house, to ensure it never comes back to trouble you.

Wash all bedding and clothing worn by the infected person in the washing machine, using the hot cycle. Sterilize the clothes and linen after washing them.

The important thing to remember is that, once a family member gets infected, the whole family needs to be treated for scabies. Don’t wait for the infection to manifest. If you do, breaking this vicious circle will be pretty hard!

Ask for help

We never assumed that you were a super mom or dad; if at any stage you feel that the situation is going out of control, ask for help. However, for a simple and effective product like Dr. Scabies, if you just follow the medication instructions carefully, you will soon be on the road to recovery.

Be doubly sure

Once you have washed the clothes and the linen, next comes the house. Mop the floors with a disinfectant, vacuum all the carpets and the upholstery. Wipe the furniture with a general disinfectant. Don’t forget to treat the bedding in the cleaning process. Either wash them with hot water, if that’s not possible, seal it in a plastic bag for a week.  And next time when it snows, keep it sealed in the snow for 12 hours.

This should take care of any bugs still lurking in some corner, looking for a chance to make a comeback.

All the best!

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