How Do I know if it is a Scabies Rash?

Obviously, every time a rash appears on the skin, it cannot be labeled as scabies rash.

Scabies is a highly contagious skin infection. There are typical signs and symptoms that will develop over a period of two to five weeks.

Scabies rashes are the earliest signs of contracting the disease. But, before you categorize them to be scabies rashes; you need to identify them accurately.

Let us learn how to identify these signs and distinguish between a scabies rash and any other rash: 

Identifying Signs of Scabies Rashes

Even after making your skin their home, the scabies mites will take some time to dig through it and cause rashes. The first itching will begin in around 6-10 days, which will become sever at bedtime when the body gets ample warmth.

In a matter of days, this itching will come about as prominent skin rashes, indicating that scabies has set foot on the skin.

Identifying scabies rashes is quite easy, it follows a characteristic pattern. You can recognize them by identifying the following:

  • Itching experienced in most parts of the body, including hands, wrists, breasts, elbow, waistline, armpits and groin.
  • Later, the itching starts forming into distinctive red color rashes that are small and round.
  • Within a matter of days, the number of rashes will grow and thin black lines will start appearing around the rashes, where the mites have dug tunnels through the skin.
  • The black lines will have a zigzag pattern or be S-shaped. Their length can vary between 2mm and 10mm.

If your skin rashes are nothing like the description given above, you’re safe. But, in case they match it, consult a doctor immediately and begin with the Dr. Scabies treatment for fast relief.

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