How Do I Prevent Scabies? I Recently Had A Scabies Exposed Visitor But No Symptoms on Myself Yet!

Problem: Recently I met a person suffering from scabies. Although I still haven’t developed any symptoms such as rashes or itches but are there any chances of getting infested with scabies? What is to be done to lower the risks of being infected?

Scabies Symptoms


Since scabies is a communicable disease, so if you happen to come in contact with a person suffering from scabies, you become vulnerable to getting infected.So, don’t wait for signs to occur rather go and get tests done. If you feel a change in the body temperature or some itchiness, then definitely you should consult the doctor.



How can you be infested with scabies?

Scabies is caused by tiny mites, which are microscopic in sizethat enter into the skin and cause irritation and itchingat the infected part.

There are two ways you increase your chances of getting scabies. One is if you are in direct physical contact with the person suffering from it. Physical contact like handshake, hug or being sexual with the person. Although there are lesser chances of getting it through a handshake but it’s not easy to avoid it.

The other way is using belongings of the person with scabies. Through Towels, bedding, clothing, handkerchief, soaps etc of the infected person there are always chances of spreading it. So, better is to avoid any sort of physical contact or touching the used items of the infected person.

What to do if you come across a person with scabies?

If you come across a person suffering from scabies, you are at risk to catch it. The first thing you need to do after this is to disinfect all your clothing, beddings and towels. Prefer washing everything in hot water and dry well at highheat. Check for any rashes or boils on the body. You may not find mites as they create burrows into your skin and enter there to spread the infection. If you develop fever or have some crawling feeling it’s the time to check with the doctor. Although the mites cannot survive without the human body but to be on safe side you should definitely take some precautionary measures.

In some cases infection might not develop immediately and you may do not feel any itching. But in such a case also don’t wait for signs to come. After you take the above preventive steps, you should even go for diagnosis of scabies. Doctors do ink test to find the presence of mites over the body. 

Basic preventive measures: 

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  • Maintain personal hygiene
  • Your pillow covers, clothing, bed sheets, handkerchief and other items of daily use must be cleaned on a daily basis. Although things like shoes, dryer and bags cannot be sent to the laundry but they can be bagged and kept away for few days.
  • Also, use bug sprays containing permethrin for disinfecting beds.
  • Make sure you take a bleach bath and dry off well.
  • Keep the house airy and ventilated.
  • Keep your kitchen clean. 


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