How do I treat the Mattresses for Scabies?

After a patient recuperates from scabies, it is important to clean and wash everything used by him, including his mattress. If not cleaned and disinfected properly, in all probability, the mites that have nestled in corners of it will erupt again and cause severe scabies attack a second time.

Read along to know how you can disinfect the mattress and ensure safety of a patient and his family.

1) First, clean the mattress sheet and pad with a laundry soap and hot water. Wash them thoroughly as you don’t want any mites to be anywhere present near you!

2) After washing the mattress, dry it out in the sun. Or, if that is not possible, let them air dry naturally. Yes, it will surely take some time, but this process will facilitate in cleaning the mattress thoroughly. If you want, you can keep it outside for an extra day to completely get rid of mite traces.

3) After the mattress is completely dried, use a vacuum cleaner to clean all sides of it thoroughly. The box spring inside which the mattress is kept must also be properly vacuumed. The wooden frames, too, should never be neglected.

4) In case you have waterbed mattresses, vacuum clean the mattress and wash the vinyl mattress separately using hot soapy water. After that, pull the corners of the mattress—take help from someone else if needed— vacuum the vinyl mattress very carefully and thoroughly. Remember to try and reach every nook and corner of the mattress while cleaning.

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