How Do You Get Scabies? And How to Treat it

Being a contagious disease, scabies is an infestation caused by the Sarcoptes scabiei mite. But that’s not all you need to know. There is much more you must be aware of. Learn here in detail about this sever year itching skin infection.

Scabies, the disease which is characterized by intense itching and skin irritation is now in the list of neglected tropical diseases. The listing of WHO states that great focus is much needed on this disease of the poor, and thus it is an attempt to make the problem more visible to the international public health community.

What is scabies?

Basically, it is an itchy skin condition which is said to cause by a tiny eight legged parasite called Sarcoptes scabiei. This mite can live and multiply on their host. As far as the mode of transmission is considered, these parasites are can easily transfer from person to person. It is extremely contagious and spreads rapidly through two different modes, i.e. direct mode and indirect mode.

In direct mode transmission occurs when a person comes in direct contact with an infected person. It can be through prolonged physical contact like shaking hands, sleeping together, etc. Another way out is indirect mode. It occurs when a healthy person uses or comes in contact with an object, say furniture, clothing, accessories, etc., which are being used by a diseased. It is often common in crowded conditions such as child care facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, and so on.

How scabies occurs?

The itchy rash of scabies develops when a mite enters a healthy human body. It is the female mite which burrows into the outer surface skin and lays eggs over there. This way these mites multiply in number and affect the human immune system. Being highly sensitive to the presence of the mite, human body produces an allergic response. This response is primarily to the mites and their eggs, however, their secretions to causes intense itching.

In general, typical infection can occur due to presence of only 10 to 20 mites. And without treatment the condition will become worsen. Scabies mites feed on human blood. When they get higher in number, they start contaminating their skin with their bites. Also, they release substances which are toxic to the human body. Here it is important to note that people of all ages, gender and races get infected.

What are the scabies sign and symptoms?

Scabies is often recognized by the rash brought on by the infection and those tiny red bumps, blisters or better say, pus-filled blisters. Though not fixed, the most affected areas are the hands, feet, wrists and folds under the arms. However, it can occur all across your body.

Checkout some common symptoms of scabies:

  • Severe itching: It can occur anywhere, i.e. whether mites are present their or not. Also, it is more pronounced in the nights or after a bath.
  • Rash: A person infested with scabies is expected to have those tiny red bumps.
  • Burrows: You will easily find some wavy red, brown or gray burrows. These often have a tiny black speck in the front and this speck is none other than the scabies mite. 
  • Sores: Intense itching leads to relentless scratching, and this further causes sores.

How to test and treat scabies?

Firstly, you need to understand that you cannot overlook this problem. Hence, if you must visit a doctor in case you or someone in your house suspect to have scabies. Generally, the doctors will first advice to take skin scraping test for the infected part. The sample will be then observed under a microscope to confirm the infection.

Once it is ensured, you need to start with the medication process. Although there are several natural ways to treat scabies infection, yet these often take a longer period to treat completely. The only solution you are left with is Dr Scabies. Yes, a complete, natural, and safe solution. Being approved by FDA, it serves you nothing less than the best. Go for it!

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