How does scabies rash look like? Do I have scabies?

Not every skin infection or allergy can be considered scabies. This skin disease is easily distinguished with its apparent rashes especially in areas around hands, feet, arms, legs and groin. These symptoms gradually grow in a period of four weeks and by that time, can develop as something severe.          

If there is an uncontrollable itch all over your body, especially near groin, legs, arms or neck? You better don’t take things too casually as these can be some easy prominent symptoms of scabies. Remember that scabies is an extremely contagious skin infection that can develop into a severe disease in a short period of time. If it’s not treated on time and treated well, many of your family members, friends and colleagues can get it in no time!

The only way to evade from this infection is to detect it in the earliest of the stages and follow proper medical treatment for it. 

Distinguishing scabies rashes: 

It’s not always that a skin infection will be a symptom of scabies, but chances are certainly there. So, be careful!

  • During the earliest stage, scabies will develop with intense itching that increases during night time, often leaving behind visibly noticeable rashes in the affected area.
  • Following to itching, the skin will gradually come up visible tunnel lines that can be grey, brown or red in color.  
  • Scabies infestations are common in areas like wrist, elbow, knees, armpits, shoulder, waist, fingers, breast and groin area.   
  • However, for kids the infection shows its early signs around feet, head, face and neck.
  • In a matter of few days the skin can show prominent s-shaped tracks and can be accompanied with tiny pimples in cluster and are eggs laid by mites.   

Symptoms of Scabies 

Besides prominent skin rashes, scabies can easily be distinguished with the following symptoms

  • Because scabies is caused by an itch mite that burrows under the skin, there can be fine dark lines on the epidermis. These lines are discerned with colors like red, brown or grey and can be about 2-10 mm long.
  • This contagious skin infection primarily starts in & around hand and gradually spreads to other body areas. The infection can spread with water and itching can increase after bath or during bedtimes.
  • Within a short period of time, the skin infection can worsen the symptoms of other skin conditions and damage the epidermis apt for other infection to dwell in.           

When you have scabies!

Do not fret over it. Stop worrying and get ready to treat this infection. It’s not incurable but yes, it has to be treated as early as possible. While there are many over the counter creams, lotions etc. available for scabies treatment, Dr. Scabies is the most effective, safe and natural product in the market. It can be ordered online and is available in 3 variants i.e. cream, soap and solution. 

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