How Does Scabies Spread?

How Does Scabies Spread?

Scabies is a contagious skin infection which is caused by Sarcoptes Scabiei . It is also called as the human itch or mange mite that results into severe itching initially at few parts and gradually spreads to the whole body.

The following article describes the ways through which scabies can spread and also few preventive measures for it.


When a person comes in a close contact with an infected person for a longer period of time, then the mites find an easy way to transfer from one body to another. The mites create burrows in the skin where they lay eggs and this way they multiply and infect the whole body.

How new mites are formed?

After the mites are transmitted the female mites starts creating burrows into the skin. After the mating of the female and males mites, the male mites die and the female lays eggs.

After three to four days the eggs hatch and new mites are created. It takes 10 to 15 days for the mites to grow as adults. The male mites remain at the surface and the females keep creating burrows to make new mites. This cycle goes on till a proper treatment is not taken to kill the mites.

How scabies gets transferred?

Scabies mites can only survive on the human body and they are easily transferred from one body to another. One good thing is that they can’t fly or jump so they definitely need a close contact between people to transfer. Therefore, any sort of direct and prolonged physical contact with an infected person can possibly lead to scabies.

Following are some of the ways by which the scabies mites can get transmitted:

  • Handshake with an infected person for prolonged time.
  • Sexual intimacy with an infected person, that’s why sexual partners are most vulnerable. 
  • using clothing and bedding of an infected person.

Although hugging or handshake cannot easily transfer the infection but still this should also not be left untreated.  The mites can survive for just 24 to 36 hours without the human body which creates a rare possibility of the infection.

The reason why most people get infected is because it takes up to three weeks for symptoms to appear and by that time the mites had already created burrows. Therefore, if you meet anyone who is infested with scabies then see your doctor right away.

Who can get scabies?

Regardless of religion, caste, gender or place anyone can get infested with scabies. Anyone who comes in contact with the person infested with scabies is likely to get it. People working in confined environments like schools and nursing homes or crowded places where there are higher chances of close body.

Sexual contact with a person infested with Scabies can also increase chances of getting infested. Therefore, young people who are sexually active have higher chances of getting it.

Anyone living in close proximity of an infected person is likely to get infested.

How can scabies be prevented?

  • •    Since scabies occurs because of the transfer of mites, therefore if you come in contact with a person infested with it then you should not actually wait for the itching to start. Before the symptoms appear, you should disinfect all your clothes and all the stuff you had when you came in contact with that person. 
  • •    If you discover later that your sexual partner has scabies then also you should not keep yourself away from the treatment. 
  • •    If you live in vicinity of a person with scabies say a household member then also you have greater chances of infestation. It’s best to disinfect all the carpets, furniture and use a mite-killer to prevent all others to get infected in a household.

Treatment of scabies

Dr Scabies is one of the effective medicines for the treatment of scabies. It contains natural ingredients such as soy, chamomile extracts and jojoba extracts which can kill the scabies mite without causing any side-effects. It is available in the form of soap, cream, lotions and even sprays which work effectively to kill the scabies mites.

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