How Dr. Scabies Cream Works?

How Dr. Scabies Cream Works?

Scabies is not new to the world. This mite infestation is said to be existing from 2500 years. It occurs worldwide and now it effects more than 300 million people in a year. People of all races, genders and social classes are affected by it. In humans, it is caused due to an infestation of the skin by the itch mite Sarcoptes scabiei.

What if scabies go untreated?

If not treated on time and with appropriate medication, scabies can turn severe. It is also called as the “seven year itch.” Check out what can happen if no or incorrect treatment is given to a diseased:

How Dr. Scabies Cream Works?

  • The presence of tiny mites produce itching and a pimple like rash.
  • Their waster products causes immune reaction.
  • The female parasite will lay eggs and reproduce, which will further cause greater itching and skin rashes.
  • Excess of scratching results in open wounds, which finally causes scarring.

Beside, due to bacterial infection this can progress beyond skin. Yes, it can cause septicemia and your kidney can also be affected. In several cases, fevers, generalized pain, fluid retention, extreme fatigue and decreased urine have been reported.

You are now well-known to the after effects of this contagious skin problem. But, how to treat them?

Looking for an efficient and effective solution?

Natural Formula

Undoubtedly, scabies is highly infectious disease. It can transmit from person to person through direct and indirect contact. Therefore, you need a complete solution, which not only kill the mites, but also prevent their recurrence. Yes, there are greater chances of re-infestation.

Being, the most recommended and FDA-registered natural remedy to fight back, Dr. Scabies brings forth a unique and impeccable solution. Although, there are number of creams, solutions, liquids, etc. available in the market, yet Dr. Scabies proves to be the best and safest.

How it works?

Scabies affects your skin surface significantly. Therefore, you need a natural and safe treatment. As far other treatments are concerned, they comprises of harsh chemical formulation including permethrin.

But Dr. Scabies makes use of natural oils and Sulfur, which neither harms your skin nor leaves any side effects. The complete package includes:


Dr. Scabies Homeopathic Scabies Soap:

It is a perfect blend of natural sulfur, cedar leaf oil, cucumber extracts and green tea. With deep cleansing of the skin, it effectively reduces the number of scabies mites and their eggs. Regular use of this soap relives the never-ending itching. Moreover, it is very helpful in minimizing inflammation and redness of rashes. The best thing about Dr. Scabies is that it doesn’t have that unpleasant smell like other medicated soaps. The presence of natural oils offer it a fragrance.

Dr. Scabies Homeopathic Scabies Solution:


It is the solution, which works actively on the scabies mites from the first usage. Combining the diluted sulfur and a number of natural oils like tea tree, sunflower and lemongrass, the solution forms a perfect treatment for scabies. Just add it to your bath water or use it directly, soaking the affected area with it. The solution when enters the burrows suffocate eggs and mites, eliminating them completely. In addition, it heals the damage caused due to the mite’s activities.

Dr. Scabies Homeopathic Scabies Cream:


To overcome the itching and rashes caused by these tiny mites you need a mixture of sulfur, vitamin E and plant oils. Thus, Dr. Scabies cream have them all with herbal advantage of soy bean, palm, chamomile and sesame. Being composed of natural oils, it offer a refreshing scent, making it easy and simple to use. It helps in disinfecting, healing and recovery of wounds left.

Beside, in every product the level of sulfur used is safe. They will not leave any side effects and effectively kill all the mites beneath the skin!

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