How Dr. Scabies Help These People Get Rid of Horrible Scabies

Dr. Scabies is an effective homeopathic cream for scabies. And there are thousands of positive reviews that testify that the cream really works. Here we have fetched a few of them.

Getting Great Results in Less than a Week…

“It’s annoying to have a skin disease like this. I’m just a victim as well. Worse I do not have any idea where I got it. I went to a dermatologist & gave me permethrin to use but it didn’t work after using it for a while. I think scabs has developed resistance. I want to be treated no matter what. I can’t live with scabies. It’s contagious. I thank my high school friend who shared his good experience with Dr Scabies. I tried it too. I was surprised I saw a great result in less than a week. It kept me motivated to continue the treatment. Now I’m worry free. I’m already free from scabies. I am free from any skin parasites!”


Just Two Applications of Dr. Scabies can make the Difference…

“I work at a daycare center and recently one of the kids came out suffering from scabies. Though I did not realize it initially, but soon I started experiencing a terrible itch that just wouldn’t stop. The moment I realized my deteriorating skin condition, I went to see my doctor. He diagnosed me with scabies by looking at my rash that made a linear pattern. I had my feet, legs, arms, stomach area and hands infected. My doctor prescribed me Dr. Scabies. With only two applications, in a gap on one week I could feel the difference. This cream worked like magic and today I am scabies free.”

—-Johanna Swan

3 Days are enough to get Improvement…

“I got so scared so I tried so many herbal products out there in the market. Deep down in my thoughts I knew that single herbal remedy could not possibly get rid of scabies permanently and the fact that my scabies was already resistant, it made me worry even more if will I ever be treated for good. My mom found Dr. Scabies online and bought it for me. She said it contains sulfur and plant oils like – sesame, sunflower, tea trea oil, cucumber extract and many others. I made some research on sulfur as well. I found out that it was the treatment of choice for resistant case of scabies. I was so amazed to get improvements for the first 3 days of use. The Dr. Scabies Starter Kit worked nothing like the products I used before. Today, I am enjoying a worry-free life without scabies.”


It is better than Permethrin Cream…

“I had no idea how I got re-infected again so I used permethrin to get rid of it. This time, no matter how much or how frequent I used permethrin, one rash appears after another. This continued for many months and the rash were no widely spread on my feet, legs, thighs, back, abdomen, armpits, elbows, wrists and fingers. Two months ago, my daughter and grandson started
to exist same rash and symptoms as mine. We were all treated with permethrin but nothing improved. My daughter sought help from a homeopathic doctor and was given Dr. Scabies Whole Family Kit. At this point, we’ve grown tired trying to get rid of our scabies but we still used Dr. Scabies products accordingly. My daughter and grandson got treated after a week and half while I got treated after 14-16 days of use. So far, there’s no recurrence of scabies and I don’t think we will ever suffer that much.”

—-Henry Keller

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