How Dr. Scabies Is Different From Pharmaceutical Scabicides

Generally, Scabies treatment is decided according to the severity of the infection.

Many patients opt for pharmaceutical scabicides as an effective cure. But, because they can have side effects and cause skin allergies, they are losing popularity for treating scabies.

Dr. Scabies is an effective treatment instead. It has a natural composition and considered to produce no side effects.

The question now arises – how is Dr. Scabies different from other pharmaceutical scabicides. Let’s find the answer!

Why is Dr. Scabies More Effective Than Pharmaceutical Scabicides?

Dr. Scabies is not like regular pharmaceutical scabicides that can cause allergies and other harmful side effects. It is made with 80% natural ingredients, with sulphur as the main component.

Other than sulfur, Dr. Scabies contain extracts of coconut oil, jojoba oil, tea tree oil and several other natural ingredients. Dr. Scabies, immediately takes control over scabies and intensifies the healing process.

How to use Dr. Scabies?

Treating scabies with Dr. Scabies involves a three step procedure.

You begin by washing the skin with Dr. Scabies soap. After cleansing the skin, you apply the Dr. Scabies Cream and two hours later, you remove the cream with the application of Dr. Scabies solution.

It is recommended to repeat the procedure twice a day for effective results.

This treatment comforts an infected patient by reducing itching from the rashes on the skin. It also boosts the healing process, without producing any side effects during the course of the treatment.

Dr scabies kills scabies mites


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