How effective is Tea Tree Oil for Scabies?

Tea tree oil is the popular home remedy for various skin conditions including scabies. Here we have decoded the efficiency of TTO for scabies.

How Effective is Tea Tree Oil for Scabies?

Tea tree oil has been the effective way to treat various skin conditions for years. This is because of its powerful antibacterial and antiseptic properties. In fact, its antiseptic action is believed to be 100 times powerful than carbolic acid. However, it is safer than carbolic acid for human beings.

Like other skin conditions, TTO is beneficial for your scabies symptoms including rashes, burrows, and itching. But the person suffering with intense itching and red blisters may like to ask how efficient is tea tree oil to kill scabies. This query makes sense, especially when there is no OTC medication available in emergency situations. 

Here, we have come up with the things about the efficiency of Tea Tree Oil( Internal Linking from post 10) for scabies treatment.


Tea tree oil can kill the scabies mites which are exposed to it. According to one study, tea tree eradicates the scabies mites fast. But it kills only the mites which are weak or being easily exposed; meaning that those mites would living under skin burrows will be escaped.

Since they live below the skin, the oil layers may not be absorbed to that level. Plus, mites secrete a special type of saliva acting as the shield around them, making it difficult for oil to remove them.

There are many mites who move from one place to other across your body. In this case, they can reside on the place where they may be more prone to tea tree oil. A topical application of the tea tree oil can kill the good amount of them.

It clearly means that tea tree oil is not efficient on the scabies secreting larva or hiding under your skin barrier. Remember, the mite’s egg is more protective, making it even challenging for tea tree oil.

You can use topical medication for the full treatment of the scabies as tea tree oil might not effective in all conditions. You can use Dr. Scabies antifungal cream for the total eradication of the scabies and the faster healing time. Dr. Scabies is also packed with the goodness of tea tree oil and other ingredients like sunflower and lemongrass.

Will Tea Tree Essential Oil Cure Your Scabies?

It has been already told that tea tree oil is effective on the vulnerable and weak scabies. It may not kill the deeply burrowed mites and eggs. This is why tea tree oil should be used for the initial and minimal signs of scabies.

How Tea Tree Essential Oil can help with Scabies?

In spite of being inefficient on hidden mites and mite’s eggs, tea tree oil is beneficial for your scabies skin. It is useful when symptoms are mild at initial stages. It is like your “first aid” for the scabies.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tea Tree Oil contains antibacterial and antimicrobial properties
  • Tea Tree Oil is efficient for mild scabies and weak mites
  • Tea Tree Oil is just a home remedy, not a prescription

How to Treat Scabies?

In mild cases, you can use any OTC medications like topical ointment to get rid of scabies. For example, you can buy Dr. Scabies antifungal cream and lotion to treat the scabies when they are not so severe. However, you must see your physician when things are beyond your control. A doctor will prescribe you several medications like Permethrin and Ivermectin cream along with some oral medications.

Use all the medications as per your physician’s guidelines. Besides, take care of your personal hygiene while avoiding physical contacts till your scabies are gone.

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