How Leeks Can Protect You from Both Cancer & Heart Disease

Do you trust that by eating leeks, you can shield yourself from both cancer and heart sicknesses. Actually, the old Egyptians cherished this vegetable a great deal as it uses to keep them from such big diseases. What’s more, I guarantee after reading this article about leeks, you’ll love to include this in your vegetable list.

How Leeks Can Protect You from Both Cancer & Heart Disease

Leeks are the sister plant to the onion, or garlic that is rich in nutrition. It offers a wide assortment of advantages. From averting irritation, which is at the foundation of most diseases, to shielding the body from cancer and everything in the middle of, there are a lot of reasons to make leeks a consistent piece of your diet.

What Are leeks?

Leeks are a part of the variety Allium, which is a part of the Amaryllidacea crew. It is a plant with a heap of leaf sheaths, which is ordinarily mistermed a stalk or stem. Leeks show up when there’s a formation of onion or garlic globule downwards. Leeks are long barrels that are whitened by spreading soil around them. The more you keep the plant from entering photosynthesis, the more nutritions it will have!

These leeks, after cooking, gave a gentle taste which is like onions. It is considered as a staple food for Europeans for a long time that help in recuperating you from inside.

Leeks contain noteworthy measures of the flavonoid kaempferol. Numerous studies recommend that it decreases the danger of creating chronic pains– specifically cancer. It additionally seems to support our cardiovascular framework by securing our vein linings.

Benefits of Leeks

  • They are a fantastic source of Vitamin B6 that aids in decreasing the Homocysteine present in the blood. Likewise, it is an impeccable Vitamin A intake, that aids in a superior Retina in your eyes and expands the amount of white platelets that battles against contamination. It is said that near about 64% daily intake of leeks is suggested for ladies, and 49% for men.


  • It likewise contains a legitimate measure of vitamin K that advantages each tissue of your body. With the help of getting an adequate measure of Vitamin, there will be a legitimate flow of the blood in the body. With a legitimate measure of Vitamin K, Osteocalcin gets dynamic; which is a protein useful for bone health.


  • Leeks additionally function as a source of zeaxanthin and lutein. This further prompts a decent visual perception, shielding your eye tissue from oxidative harm. Further, likewise, with an appropriate admission of leeks can keep you from cataracts and age-related muscular erosion.

How Leeks Protect Against Cancer

  • Leeks are fit for ensuring individuals against a wide range of disease. Furthermore, regardless of the possibility that you are as of now enduring, it is equipped for treating individuals naturally.


  • The principle component that aids in curing tumor is Inulin, which is primarily found in plants. It shields your DNA from getting harmed that causes transformations.


  • Leeks are considered as the best formations that decides the cancer risk. Leeks greatly affect diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Expending Allium vegetables are additionally connected to a critical decrease in risk for prostate cancer.


  • Another component in the leek’s cancer battling ability is Diallyl Trisulfide, is another element of leeks that is powerful in fighting against the cancer. It stops the tumor cell to develop that further prompts cancer.

How Leeks Protect Against Heart Disease

  • Flavonoids present in the leeks brings down and lessens the danger of cardiovascular disease. Flavonoids positively affect blood pressure, cholesterol level and vascular capacities.


  • Moreover, leeks gives folate, which is rich in giving vitamin b. This assumes a critical part in the health of the heart by lessening the homocysteine in blood. Keep in mind! Insufficiency of folate prompts heart risk.


  • Leeks focuses on the antioxidant polyphenols that shields veins and cells from oxidative harm, that further prevent cardiovascular condition.

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