How to Avoid Getting Scabies?

Here are the precautions you should follow to avoid catching scabies.There are nearly 1 million cases of scabies each year in the USA as compared to an estimated 300 million cases of scabies worldwide. Scabies is a contagious disease that is caused by the microscopic mites.

You get scabies mites from the infected person from direct skin contact. Sometimes people get mites from infected items like clothes, bedding and furniture.

Once you pick scabies mites, the symptoms of scabies like rashes, burrows and itching start occurring within 3-4 weeks. Living with scabies is not an easy thing, although scabies is not life threating condition. The rashes are painful while relentless itch can trouble your sleep.

Therefore, it is better to practice precautions to avoid getting scabies. It can be done by knowing your risks of getting scabies, and recognizing the signs of scabies. And these steps will help you in that…

Avoid Close Contact with Scabies Patient:

The basic yet important step is that you should keep distance from scabies patient. However, you can do basic gestures like handshake. Longer physical contact like hugging or sexual intercourse can make you prone to infection. It is better to seek medical assistance for scabies if you just have shared a close contact with someone with scabies.

Keep Away from the Infected Surfaces:

Avoid contact with any clothing, bedding or linens that are used by a person infected. Handle the items with gloves. Take the sheets and linens off the bed and send them to laundry immediately. Besides, the clothing of infected person should be washed. Or you can seal all the belongings in a bag and then keep them in isolation. The scabies mites won’t survive more than 48-72 hours without the body.

Know If You Are Surrounded By Infected People:

Certain groups or persons are more vulnerable to scabies, mostly because they share skin to skin contact with others, which is the predominant cause of getting scabies. Be careful if you belong to such group.

Kids are also prone to scabies as they can get it from communal environment. Mothers of young kids can catch scabies from the kids first before giving it to the others.

Mothers of young children are very susceptible to scabies. They often catch scabies from their children first before passing it on to others.

Sexually active people are also susceptible to scabies, given that scabies is caused by prolonged skin-to-skin contact. People living in nursing homes share close contact with others, making them prone to scabies.

Places Where You Can Catch Scabies:

Some environment let the infection like scabies thrive. These places are college dormitories, communal bathrooms, nursing homes, childcare center, prison, and classrooms.

Recognize the Symptoms of Scabies:

The signs of scabies can be mild to extreme. Identifying the signs won’t necessarily help you avoid getting them, but help you get treatment on time to avoid later complications.

Here are the signs of scabies…

• Itching is a common sign of scabies mostly occurring at night.
• Rashes appear like bumps and may look like bites or pimples.
• Sores
• Thick crusts on the skin
• Scabies is likely to occur on hands, finger webs, around the nails, elbows and wrists.
• In kids, the signs are likely to occur on face, scalp, and soles of feet.

Get treatment immediately if you are susceptible to scabies.

Bottom Line:

So you must have understood how practicing certain precaution can help you avoid catching scabies. Opt for medical assistance if you are susceptible for scabies. Use Dr. Scabies cream to treat your mild stages of scabies!

What do you think? Do you have other ideas to keep the risk of getting scabies at a bay? Please share with us by commenting below!

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