How to Buy Scabies Treatment Creams/Lotions Online

Scabies, a parasitic skin infestation caused by female mite, is common in third world countries, but almost every region of world is vulnerable to it. It’s completely curable, and medications are available easily. Scabies can take 2-3 weeks to couple of months before symptoms disappear completely. Scabies can worsen existing skin conditions, but it’s not life threatening. However, in people with weak or dysfunctional immune system, such as people infected with HIV/AIDS, it aggravates beyond limits and takes the form of crusted scabies. Crusted scabies is the most severe form of scabies in which an infested person can have millions of mites at a time. Before we move on to scabies treatment and the process to buy scabies medication online, you should know some basic facts about scabies and responsible mite.

What is scabies?

Scabies, also known as seven-year itch, is caused by Sarcoptes scabiei mite that burrows itself into host’s skin. It feeds beneath the skin, lay eggs, and keeps tunneling to other parts. Due to movement of mite, infestation continues to spread if not attended timely. The symptoms can snatch quality of life of the infested person.


Scabies is characterized by severe, consistent itching followed by uncontrollable urge to scratch the affected skin. Itching sensation worsens during night when host is in bedding. It’s the telltale symptom of scabies. At night there are less distractions and temperature also become optimal for the movement of mite.

Red bumps appear on skin surface. These bumps are home to female mite eggs. A nest can have 2-5 mite eggs at a time, which hatch within 2-3 days and grow into adult in 10-15 days.

Due to movement of the mite beneath skin, zigzag lines are formed and these lines follow direction of mite’s movement. It’s another telltale symptom of scabies.   


Scabies is curable provided infested person follows the prescribed treatment course with strict discipline, because scabies mites are more resistant to common insecticides as they are under the skin. Common lotions and creams don’t even make contact with the mite and its eggs, thus, fail to terminate infestation.

5% Permethrin is the most commonly prescribed insecticide and is available over the counter as well as online.

If the infested person is allergic to permethrin, doctor can prescribe alternative creams containing Ivermectin, which is also an insecticide similar to permethrin.

Malathion is another alternative to other two kinds of insecticides.

How to buy scabies cream online?

Scabies cream is easily available over the counter, but it can also be bought online. Only some selected seller offers scabies medication online. DrScabies is, perhaps, the most reliable source from where you can procure required medication. You can surf their website and order easily.

However, you should be aware of tricksters who are selling common scabies medication on a throwaway price. Buy over the counter or online, chances of huge price difference at two mentioned sources are very thin.  

As a precautionary measure, do go through online vendor websites carefully. You’ll be lucky if you have reference for a credible source, like DrScabies. DrScabies also offers ingredients for making scabies lotion at home, which is quite helpful.

Rest, you need to keep in mind the guidelines and follow the procedure without any gap. It might take weeks or even months for the symptoms to completely disappear.   

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