How to Change your Skin Care Routine for Winters?

How to Change your Skin Care Routine for Winters?

The falling temperatures, lower air humidity, indoor heating and various other reasons can affect your skin greatly. The winters signs impair the skins function and make it vulnerable to dehydration and sensitivity. And all these factors lead to a dull, dry complexion, which lasts until spring. If you want your skin to be away from this, you need a healthy routine. Learn more.

As soon as the temperature starts trolling down, you might observe the number of beauty advertisements flashing on your screen, featuring some or the other kind of winter care product. Well, if you think that the industry pushes those thicker and winter-friendly skincare just to squeeze some money, you are wrong. Your skin asks for greater care now and you need to fulfill its requirement to keep it glowing and beautiful.

Hence, when the winter months set in and the weather turns windier, drier and colder, your skin needs some extra help and protection. Often, it happen, the weather around you changes rapidly. So, you need to be prepared in advances, before the skin on different parts like hands, face and lips begin to become dry, chapped and crusty.

Here is all what you need to do:

Switch your moisturizer: While in summer you might have been using a lighter, sheerer moisturizer to hydrate your skin from all that humidity, but now in winter months you are bound to fear of drier skin. The same product will not work for your skin now. You need a heavier and thicker moisturizer. Along this you need to understand that your sin probably earned some or the other kind damage from the sun in summers. And now it is the right time to heal it. You can easily repair discoloration and scarring (if any) by using the right moisturizer, which corrects it. It is advisable to use oils and oil-based products to do best for your skin in winter months.

A hot shower: This one is important for your skin and health both. You need to take a hot shower bath daily if you want to a good hygiene for skin. In addition to this, avoid harsh, especially those colored, fragrant or antibacterial soaps. Rather you need to switch to mild and non-drying soaps. You can also prefer using soaps with moisturizing capability. And remember to apply moisturizing cream immediately after bathing. It will seal the skin’s moisture and keep it fresh whole day long.

Proper hair care: During the hot days in summers you might have stepped out with damp hair, not thinking much about them. But, you cannot let this happen in winters. You need to hello to those blow drying and styling methods, with the help of hot tools daily. And definitely, these methods cause damaging and drying of hair and scalp at a faster rate. Thus, similar to your skin in the fall and winter, make sure to keep your hair hydrated.

Change your make up formulas: Winters bring festivals along. Hence, for the special days like wedding, anniversaries or even your regular days, you need to keep an eye on the makeup products being used. For summers you might have loved those sparkly, shiny, or sheen-finish skincare products, but now it's high time to switch to matte. And it is for all sorts of products you use, ranging from lip products, bronzers, to your eye shadows. During fall and winter you need to choose richer and darker colors. You can opt for the matte formulas to add depth.

Love your hands and fingers: It is one of the major concerns of winters, but often ignored! The dry hands and cracking fingers are definitely not good for your appearance. Your hands suffer from dryness due to environment factors and especially, when you indulge in lot of housework and come into contact water or chemicals, things get worse. Long exposure to water dehydrates the skin faster. Thus, you need to pay greater attention to these parts. Make sure after washing hands, you seal them with a towel, gently pat dry and apply a good moisturizer. You can also trust on the therapeutic options to cure hand suffering from itch and cracks!

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The active ingredients of Dr. Scabies Treatment formulas are officially monographed in the "Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of The United States."