How to Choose Over the Counter Scabies Cream Online

Scabies is a highly contagious skin condition caused by a parasitic mite called ‘Sarcroptes Scabiei’, and it’s one of the most common parasitic infestation in third world countries where population is forced to live in unhygienic, shared spaces. Scabies is curable and takes over a month for complete disappearance of symptoms. Commonly used medication for scabies treatment is available over the counter as well some of the online stores.

Scabies Mite

Sarcoptes Scabiei mite penetrates the epidermis to live underneath skin where it feeds, lay eggs and keeps tunneling further. Because the parasite can move under the skin, it quickly spreads to other parts of the body too.

Symptoms of Scabies

Tiny bumps appear on skin surface with irresistible urge to scratch due to intense and constant itching sensation. The bumps are actually homes to mite’s eggs.

Zigzag marks caused due to movement of mites, also appear on skin surface on scratching.

The itching gets intense at night which is the telltale symptom of scabies infection.

How does scabies spread?

Scabies mite can survive without host body for a couple of days while hiding in bedding, clothing, towel or other belongings. A person can get scabies mites through both direct skin contact and contact with belongings of infested person. That’s why scabies is highly contagious and it takes no time to infest entire community living in shared spaces, like hostels, nursing homes, shelters etc.


Scabies is treatable and majority of health professionals prescribe a treatment course consisting of insecticide application with strict guidelines. Scabies mites show higher resistance to common skin creams and lotions because they barely make contact with it as the mite is under the skin. It’s an advantage for this hideous parasite, but with proper application, infestation can be removed completely.


Permethrin, an insecticide is the first preference of doctors. Infected person is required to apply the cream on affected parts regularly until symptoms begin to disappear, which could take 2-3 weeks, even over a month.


Ivermectin is another insecticide similar to permethrin and is prescribed as alternative to permethrin, mostly to people who are allergic to permethrin. The procedure and guidelines are same as that of a permethrin course.


Malathion is another alternative prescribed by doctors to patients who are allergic to other two types of insecticides.

Home Remedies

Other than medical treatment course, patients are suggested to try some homemade remedies like neem oil, neem leaves, eucalyptus etc.

How to buy scabies creams online?

Insecticides used in scabies treatment are mostly available over the counter without prescription but you can also buy them online. Although, not all stores offer scabies creams and lotions online, but you’ll surely find some with a little search online. If you are lucky, sometimes, eBay also sells these insecticides online on discounted prices. Along with insecticides, some herbal alternatives are also available online. A line of products, like soaps come with herbal ingredients that are considered effective in curing symptoms of skin conditions including scabies.

However, you need to be cautious before falling for fake products being offered online on a throwaway price. The price of insecticides online rarely differs much.

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